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German Vegetarian Recipes - Traditional and Modern

Here you will find a variety of vegetarian recipes, both traditional and modern, which make the most of seasonal fruits and vegetables used in most German kitchens.
  1. Vegetarian Spreads (8)

Buchteln Recipe - Filled Yeast Buns - Rohrnudeln
Delicious buns are filled with marmalade and served with vanilla sauce for a main dish or dessert.

Bavarian Obazda - Homemade Cheese Spread for the Biergarten
This spreadable cheese from Bavaria is a popular Biergarten and Oktoberfest treat. A no cook treat, this cheese spread can be made a few hours before a party and refrigerated. Also called "Grupfter" in Frankonia, this spread for bread is very popular.

Sauteed Leeks for Dinner - Lauch mit Sahne und Nuessen
For a vegetarian meal with a German flair try these leeks cooked in cream and lemon, complemented by brown rice patties. This leek dish also makes a nice side to pork or fish, where the lemony sauce complements the protein. This quick German dish is easy and delicious.

Homemade Soup Base - Vegetable Broth
Less expensive than store bought broths and meat broth, vegetable broth is an easy ingredient to make. Throw in the tail ends of vegetables, a few spices of your choice (we have some suggestions) and you have the beginnings of a lovely gravy, creamed soup, stew or casserole. Vegetable broth is completely fat free.

Cheese Fondue for Advent
Cheese fondue is relatively easy to make, just cheese, wine, bread and some spices. So melt away and enjoy the moment.

Meatless Balls in Tomato Sauce - Roggenkloesschen in Tomatensosse
These vegetarian "meatless balls", nestled in a tomato sauce with a touch of cream, are made with rye berries and vegetable broth and baked with cheese on top. A vegetarian casserole, this dish can be made vegan with soy cheese and egg substitute. Easily digestible, even meat-lovers can enjoy meatless dishes when they are served this way.

German-Style Filled Zucchini
Baked zucchini and feta on a bed of tomatoes make a wonderful vegetarian meal. A modern German dinner with a Mediterranean flavor. Vegetarian food with lots of vegetables can be satisfying and provide protein.

Vegetarian Patties - Meatless Frikadellen
This German recipe for vegetarian patties is a tasty way to forgo meat. This is also a great party recipe.

Zucchini Fritters - Recipe for Zucchini Fritters - Zucchini Frikadellen
Zucchini Fritters are fun to eat and a good way to use extra zucchini. This recipe for zucchini fritters does not require the zucchini to be pressed out, leaving all the good nutrients in the batter. Fry these zucchini fritters in a non-stick or cast iron pan with little oil and you will have a healthy lunch, brunch or side dish.

Sausage Flavored Veggie Burgers - Recipe for Veggie Burgers
Many people have to cook for friends and family with different diets. Here is a veggie burger that can satisfy a vegetarian and be a good alternative for a meat eater as a side-dish or occasional meatless meal. This veggie burger has spices reminiscent of sausage and a meaty mouth feel.

Raclette with Savory Streusel - Grilled Raclette Cheese Party
Almost everyone likes melted cheese and the Swiss are masters of the two that matter the most: raclette and fondue. Raclette dinners consist of melted cheese, boiled potatoes and pickles. This version of raclette spices things up with three different, savory streusel toppings.

Spreewald Traditional Dinner of Quark mit Leinoel und Pellkartoffeln
Recipe for quark and potatoes from the Spreewald in Germany. The Spreewald is an area in the far east of Germany on the border to Poland. A Slavic minority lives in the Spreewald with their own cuisine. Try their typical dinner of quark and potatoes.

Recipe for Vegetarian Cabbage Rolls with Walnuts
These cabbage rolls call for a filling of walnuts, potatoes, carrot and leek, making them a very filling, vegetarian entree or side dish to meat.

Squash-filled Cabbage Rolls Recipe
Winter squash such as butternut or acorn, is shredded and used as a filling with rice in this delicious, vegetarian, cabbage roll recipe.

Kokoslinsen Recipe - Coconut Lentils Over Rice
A vegetarian lentil recipe. Kokosnuss means coconut in German, this is a curry, coconut lentil dal.

Pickled Eggs - German Soleier Recipe
Pickled eggs or Soleier are easy to make and can be kept for two weeks in the refrigerator. A German recipe, hard boiled eggs are laid in vinegar, salt and spices to make Soleier.

Dicke Linsen - German Recipe for Good Friday - Lentil Recipe
A sweet-sour, brown lentil recipe. Make Dicke Linsen for Lent, especially Good Friday.

Mushroom Sauce - Champignonsauce
Basic German-style mushroom sauce recipe. Mushrooms in cream.

Gruenkernkuechle - Recipe for Grain Patties
Gruenkern, a special grain, is cooked and used in these vegetarian patties.

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