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Sides and Veggies

Sometimes vegetables are as important as the meat on the plate. These vegetable recipes show you which ones they are.
  1. All About Asparagus (7)

Warmer Krautsalat - Braised Cabbage Side Dish
German braised cabbage recipe, also known as Krautsalat. Traditionally made with white cabbage and flavored with white wine and caraway.

Rice and Peas - Recipe for Risi Pisi
Risi Pisi, a crossover from Italian to German cookery, is a simple, home style dish of rice and peas. Very popular with kids and moms, Risi Pisi is easy to make and eat. German Risi Pisi (or Risi Bisi) is made with long grain rice and differs from risotto in that it is not as creamy.

Sauerkraut and Pork Recipe - Sauerkraut auf Westfaelische Art
West Phalia is a state in Germany that loves their Sauerkraut and Pork. Flavored with juniper and bay, this sauerkraut and pork is made with Kasseler, a cured ham steak. Try this sauerkraut and pork recipe.

Sauerkraut Cooked with White Wine - Recipe
Weinkraut is a good way to punch up the flavor of canned sauerkraut. Cooking sauerkraut in wine is a time-honored tradition and downright tasty. Use sauerkraut cooked in wine as one of your daily vegetable servings.

Sauerkraut with Pineapple - Ananas Sauerkraut - Recipe
Sauerkraut with Pineapple says it all. This sauerkraut recipe uses pineapple for a sweet and sour effect. Serve Sauerkraut and Pineapple with ham and potatoes.

Marinated Green Bean Salad with Dill
Dill and mustard flavor this green bean salad with vinaigrette. Letting the green beans marinate in the dressing makes the salad better and better. Salads like this are a good addition to plates of German Mischsalate.

Bohnen Eintopf - Recipe for a Hearty German Bean Stew
Fava beans and green beans are both used in this hearty German stew. In summer, this stew can be made with fresh, shelled beans, but in the winter months it is most often made with frozen and canned varieties. German bean stew is often flavored with bacon or “Kasseler”, a smoked pork loin.

Sautéed Mushrooms with Garlic Sauce - Just Like at the German Market…
Mushrooms in Garlic Sauce is such a simple recipe that you have to try it. Just like the mushrooms you buy at the German market stands, this simple dish is served as a snack. The fragrance of mushrooms and garlic can be smelled before you enter the fair.

Two Cream Cheese Fillings for Mushroom Hors D'Oeuvres - First Course …
Cream cheese stuffed mushroom caps flavored with Parmesan or bacon and spinach give this appetizer flair and variety. This is an easy mushroom appetizer to make, served hot or warm. This stuffed mushroom recipe is simple to make.

Turkish Style Grilled Eggplant - Recipe for Lemon Grilled Eggplant
Lemon spiced, grilled eggplant recipe is served with a cool yogurt sauce hot off the grill. Grilled eggplant slices complement many types of meat and are easy to cook. Use leftovers from this grilled eggplant recipe in sandwiches with more yogurt or hummus, tomato and olives.

How to Caramelize Onions for Finishing Dishes
How to caramelize onions to use in many different recipes. German cooks use caramelized onions to top potatoes, noodles, spaetzle, roasts, bratwurst and almost anything else. Learn to make really good caramelized onions.

How to Cook Spargel, the Easy Method
A German asparagus dinner features tender asparagus, ham and new potatoes. It is elegant in it's simplicity, and easy to make. Germans entertain with this meal quite a bit in the springtime and everybody loves it. The traditional German Spargelessen is always a treat.

Fennel and Tomato in Cream Recipe - Fenchel-Gratin
This fennel recipe is a nice change from other side dish recipes. Easy side dishes should complement the main dish. This fennel recipe goes with fish and rice, a pork roast or a grain dish such as bulgur.

Apples in Wine Side Dish - A Side Dish for Pork or Venison
Try this easy yet sophisticated apple side dish for pork or game instead of the usual applesauce. Apples browned in butter and steamed in wine is an adult taste that makes a nice change of pace. Stovetop apples are good for many kinds of meat.

Caramelized Onions with Lemon
Add a flavor dimension to your caramelized onions with this recipe for caramelized onions with lemon. This condiment can be prepared in advance and eaten cold or re-warmed with many dishes. Try caramelized onions as a side to pork roast or on top of toast with Gruyere melted on top.

Red Cabbage Recipe - Rotkohl
Many German cabbage recipes start with a glass of red cabbage or sauerkraut from the store. This cooked red cabbage recipe is a simple way to make great Rotkohl from scratch. Try this homemade red cabbage recipe for your next Sunday dinner.

Sauerkraut in a Mason Jar

Sauerkraut came to Europe via Asia, where people have been pickling cabbage for thousands of years. Because of its high vitamin C content, it was very useful in preventing scurvy and keeping people healthy throughout the winter months when no fresh food was available.

How to Prepare Kohlrabi
Kohlrabi is an overlooked vegetable. It can be eaten raw or cooked, as a side dish or in a stew. It has a cabbage smell and taste and is a great alternative to cabbage or turnips, as it is high in vitamins and minerals.

Green Beans – Grüne Bohnen
This simple side dish can be dressed up with browned onions and bacon, but it’s the addition on fresh savory which makes it German.

Homemade Mustard Pickles from Germany
German mustard pickles or "Senfgurken" are popular, homemade pickles with a twist. These homemade pickles are made by peeling and seeding the cucumber, then letting them sit in a vinegar and sugar solution. They can be used as refrigerator pickles or you can preserve them by canning.

Potato and Leek Gratin - Recipe for German Potatoes and Leeks
This stovetop recipe for potato and leek gratin is a wonderful takeoff of vichyssoise, or potato and leek soup. It is a very easy stovetop recipe which requires very little oversight in the kitchen. This German recipe can be served as a main course or a side dish.

Mashed Apples and Potatoes - Himmel und Erde
A popular German winter meal, Himmel und Erde (heaven and earth) is usually eaten with sausage and most often with Blutwurst or blood sausage. Himmel und Erde is made by mixing potato mashers with homemade applesauce and smothering the whole with caramelized onions, the taste relies on the quality of ingredients. Make this side dish to serve...

Potato Gratin - German Kartoffelgratin
Make the best potato gratin of your life with this super simple recipe. All it takes is a few potatoes, some cream and a little patience to make Kartoffelgratin. Potato lovers will really enjoy a good, homemade potato gratin with cheese.

Yellow Bean Salad - German Side Dish
A recipe for cold, wax bean salad with a creamy dressing.

Easy Wax Bean Salad - Cold Bean Salad
An easy, yellow wax bean salad recipe for dinner. Fresh green beans are abundant in late summer and this dish is a good way to serve them. Creamy and cool bean salad

Green Beans in Tomato Sauce
A recipe for green beans in tomato sauce. Make this easy recipe in just a few minutes with fresh, frozen or canned green beans. This is a great side dish for hearty meat and potato meals.

Canning Pears Sweet - Sour
Pears marinated in a vinegar and sugar syrup with spices. Can be canned or eaten after a few days. Good with meats.

Broad Beans with Bacon - Dicke Bohnen mit Speck
Learn how to make Dicke Bohnen mit Speck - a popular German recipe.

Kohlrabi Side Dish Recipe
Kohlrabi, served in a creamy, white sauce.

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