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Recipe Index of Sweet Yeast Breads

Recipe index of sweet yeast breads and breads with fillings. These are breads you find in Germany.

Easter Bread Recipe - Osterbrot - German Easter Bread
Easter bread recipe from Germany: Like panetonne, this Easter bread is loaded with raisins and lemon peel, a perfect combination for Easter morning brunch. Toast this panettone-like Easter bread if you wish, or eat it plain, with butter. Festive German Easter bread recipe is a real treat, any time of the year.

How to Make Filled Rolls - Mohnkranzerl aus Hefeteig
How to make rolls filled with crushed and sweetened poppy seeds. This Austrian specialty goes over well on special occasions for brunch or coffee hour. The enriched yeast dough is easy to work with and these filled rolls can be ready to serve in 2 1/2 hours. Follow these easy step by step instructions for filled rolls.

German Christmas Stollen
German stollen should be made ahead of time and allowed to age for several weeks. It is served during Advent and the Christmas festivities. It is a rich yeast dough full of raisins, nuts, and candied fruit.

Fasching Donuts With 3 Fillings, Vanilla, Chocolate and Jelly
Call them Berliner, Pfannekuchen or Krapfen, donuts have their high season in January and February. You can fill them before or after frying them, or leave them plain, sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Tirolean Fasching Donuts - Faschingskrapfen nach Tiroler Art
A different yeast dough, made with white wine and grappa, for adult tastes. The schnapps is important, because it gives an extra rise to the dough when fried. The alcohol evaporates during the process. This recipe stems from Austria, near the Italian border.

Sheet Cake Recipe with Quark and Streusel - Streuselkuchen mit Quarkfüllung
A German cake recipe in English for your next Kaffeekranz. This sheet cake recipe uses yeast and quark, or yogurt cheese to make a gourmet delight better than any Entemann’s.

Yeast Coffee Cake with Egg Custard Topping
This is not a cream cheese coffee cake but has a similar layer made from egg custard on top of yeast dough. This coffee cake recipe makes enough for a 11 x 15 inch sheet cake pan. A traditional German coffee cake recipe which is not too sweet and feeds a crowd.

Vollwert Zwetschgenkuchen - 100% Whole Wheat Plum Cake with Streusel
Try this whole wheat dough for your next fresh fruit cake. Based on a German recipe and Peter Reinhart's recipe for whole wheat cinnamon rolls, it allows many people to enjoy cake with no refined sugar and no white flour. Instructions for German Zwetschgenkuchen with white flour and sugar are also included.

Gugelhupf Cake - A Bundt Cake with Yeast
Gugelhupf Cake, thought to have southern German and Austrian origins, is a yeast leavened cake baked in a Gugelhupf form, like a bundt pan. The hole in the middle of the Gugelhupf allows for more even baking. Newer versions use baking powder but the original cake contains yeast.

New Year's Pretzel - Recipe for Grosse Neujahrs-Breze
This wonderful, braided bread will be the centerpiece of your New Year's Day brunch. Pretzels are a typical lucky symbol for Germans so bring yourself some luck with this simple pretzel recipe. Enriched bread is stretched and then braided for a pretty shape.

German Style Sweet Whole Wheat Bread
This wonderful whole wheat bread is filled with an apricot and nut filling and braided for elegance. Keep this whole wheat loaf in the refrigerator overnight and bake first thing in the morning for a warm and wholesome treat. The bread is kept moist through the addition of cottage cheese, although quark or ricotta could be used, too.

Homemade Yeast Bread with Sweet Filling
Homemade bread for Christmas morning sounds divine but how to time the yeast dough so it's ready in time to open presents? Try this braided bread recipe, made completely from scratch the night before (1 hour) and bake it the next morning (30 minutes). This sweet, homemade bread recipe is a nice alternative to sweet rolls.

Crescent Rolls - Milchhörnchen
This German enriched soft roll recipe shaped into crescent rolls is a customary breakfast food for a continental breakfast. Pair these milchhoernchen with butter and jam for a sweet treat, or fill them before baking with chocolate or cinnamon and sugar. German bakery rolls are easy to make at home.

Easter Bunny Breakfast Rolls from Yeast Dough - Osterhasen aus Hefetei
An easy recipe for Rolls in an Easter Rabbit shape. After you make the dough, these Easter Bunnies can be formed and decorated by children. The sweet bread dough appeals to kids and adults alike. The rolls stand up to being used for Easter display decorations as well.

Sweet Rolls Recipe - Almond Crusts - Mandelkruste Sweet Roll Recipe
Sweet roll recipe from Germany with an almond crust. Specialty sweet rolls that taste like you just came from the bakery. These sweet rolls are perfect for lazy mornings.

Austrian Easter Bread Recipe - Osterpinze
Osterpinze is a bread from Austria baked around Easter and flavored with anise.

Anisbrot - Coffeecake Bread
A sweet bread flavored with anise and orange and spiked with raisins and Orangeat.

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