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Soups and Stews

German soups range from a broth-based “Wedding Soup” to One Pot Meals (Eintöpfe) served over noodles or potatoes, both hearty and satisfying.

Rinder Fond - Recipe for Brown Beef Stock
Make a rich, brown stock with beef or veal bones. Fond is essential to many traditional German dishes.

Erbsensuppe - Pea Soup
Pea soup is made all over the world and is very popular in German cuisine. Made from dried, whole peas, they are usually soaked overnight before cooking.

German Sausage Soup from Bavaria - Metzelsuppe
Metzelsuppe or Kesselsuppe is a German sausage soup specialty which is made on butchering day. This makes sausage soup traditionally a cold weather soup. You can make sausage soup without butchering your own pig with this simple recipe.

Recipe for Lentil Stew, Noodles and Frankfurters
Lentils, Spaetzle and Saiten is a classic recipe from Swabia. Not only can you find Lentil Stew, Spaetzle and Saiten on many menus in southwest Germany, it is easy enough to make at home. You can buy Spaetzle in many grocery stores nowadays but be sure to make the lentil stew yourself.

Recipe for German Barley Soup with Bacon - Graupensuppe Eintopf
Classic barley soup from Germany uses bacon and vegetables to lend flavor to whole grain barley. This barley soup is a classic, German "Eintopf" or one pot meal. Barley soup recipe.

Vegetable Soup with Cabbage - Potato and Cabbage Soup Recipe - Meatle…
With Cabbage and Potato Soup you find two winter vegetables that go well together. This is a perfect soup to help you eat more vegetables in winter, especially the ever-inexpensive cabbage. Cabbage has great health benefits, raw and cooked, as in this cabbage soup.

Bohnen Eintopf - Recipe for a Hearty German Bean Stew
Fava beans and green beans are both used in this hearty German stew. In summer, this stew can be made with fresh, shelled beans, but in the winter months it is most often made with frozen and canned varieties. German bean stew is often flavored with bacon or “Kasseler”, a smoked pork loin.

Cream of Mushroom Soup - German Champignon Creme Suppe
Make German-style cream of mushroom soup when you are feeling nostalgic. This classic German soup is a great first course for a fancy dinner, but easy to make. Thickened with egg yolks, flour and crème fraîche, the flavor of this mushroom cream soup is an absolute classic.

Fresh Cream of Tomato Soup - Tomato Soup with Roma Tomatoes
Cream of tomato soup is a classic soup served at all German restaurants. Try tomato soup at home with fresh tomatoes from the garden. It is a quick and easy, homemade vegetable soup that is as good as it is good for you.

German Onion Soup - Ueberbackene Zwiebelsuppe
An easy soup to make is onion soup. Called Zwiebelsuppe in German, caramelized onions in butter are deglazed with wine and simmered in broth. Most people use the onion soup as an excuse for eating the cheese croutons found on top, though. This recipe gives you a full serving of vegetables.

Easy Recipe for Bread Soup - Healthy German Recipe for Bread Soup
Make a bread soup that tastes great and is easy on the pocketbook. Thrifty bread soup is great tasting, too. Bread Soup cooks up in about a half hour and is foolproof as well as filling.

Green or White Asparagus Soup with Salmon and Dill
For a springtime flavor, take the freshest asparagus you can find and make it into a delicious first-course soup. Served with a salmon and dill garnish, this soup has fresh flavors. This soup can be made with white or green asparagus, depending on availability.

German Lazy Day Soup - Alte Weibersuppe
Homemade soup is always a good use for leftovers. Add any bacon, sausage, onions and any other vegetables to a pot full of quick, homemade egg noodles and you've made yourself a snack or dinner that costs just pennies. University students like to feed themselves with this fast food.

German-Style Carrot and Fennel Soup
This soup is made completely vegan and ready in a half an hour. It tastes so good that even meat and potato people will enjoy eating their vegetables this way. Flavored with coriander and fennel seed, this carrot and fennel soup will delight your family or guests.

German-Style Oxtail Soup - Recipe for Gebundene Ochsenschwanzsuppe
Bourgeois German Restaurants often serve this soup as a first course, because it is considered a classy soup. Oxtail soup is a wonderful gourmet treat for the holidays, containing many layers of flavors. Although it takes several hours to simmer, it can be made ahead, freeing up time in the kitchen on the big day.

German Flädlesuppe - Broth With Pancake Garnish
A southern German recipe, Flaedlesuppe is a traditional, broth garnished with strips of pancakes. This easy soup recipe calls for broth laced with fresh herbs and vegetables and a noodle-like garnish out of thin strips of crepes. A type of chicken noodle soup that is easy to make and fun to eat.

German Crepes for Soup or Other Usage - Dünne Pfannekuchen
Try these German pancakes for Flaedlesuppe or your favorite filling. Made with potato starch and flour, these light and airy crepes go well with your favorite herbs or creamed vegetables. Traditional German pancakes are easy to make.

Whole Wheat German Pancakes - Vollwert Pfannekuchen fuer Suppeneinlage
These whole wheat pancakes are full of sunflower seeds and herbs, making them a very nutritious food for dinner. Typical German dishes use pancakes in many ways, including as a soup garnish, rolled around savory pancake fillings and baked, or just on their own, with a sprinkle of cheese. Try these whole wheat pancakes soon.

Small Butter Dumplings - German Butternocken
Small German dumplings for soup garnishes can be made from a simple recipe with butter, flour and eggs. Traditional German Nocken can be made ahead and frozen, ready to use in clear and cream soups. German Klößchen are an easy way to jazz up a typical German menu.

German Cream Cheese Dumplings - Klößchen als Suppeneinlage
German soup recipes often feature homemade dumplings. This simple German dumpling recipe is good for many different authentic German soups, especially creamed soups. Other names for these German dumplings are Klößchen, Kloesschen, gnocchi or nocken. The dumplings are made of cream cheese, egg and bread crumbs and take only a few minutes to mix and cook.

Carrot Cream Soup with Cream Cheese Dumplings - Möhrencremesuppe mit K
Cream of Carrot Soup is a simple soup to make and a great starter course to a German meal. German-style, boiled dumplings are a great addition to this easy cream soup. Make a cream of carrot soup from scratch.

German Squash Soup - Kürbissuppe
This German Vollwert recipe is a healthy mix of fiber, good oils and taste. Because there is no roux in this soup, it is thickened by pureeing the vegetable, itself. A good appetizer before a light dinner, this modern German cuisine is a quick and light recipe.

White Asparagus Soup - German Spargelsuppe
This white asparagus soup is made from pured asparagus and broth, with some cream added. This is a springtime German delicacy and can be made with inexpensive asparagus, since the vegetables are pured and not served whole. Its delicate aroma starts off a German meal just right.

Lentil Soup - Linseneintopf
Lentil soup is a hearty, one-dish meal. It can also be made vegetarian, by omitting the sausage.

Cold Cherry Soup - Kirsch Kaltschale Recipe
Cold Cherry Soup is a great first course on a hot day. It is flavored with wine and is sweet, so it makes a great dessert as well.

Easy Eierstich Recipe- Royale as a Soup Garnish
A royale ("Eierstich") is a savory egg custard that is silky smooth and often served in clear soups in Germany. This recipe for royale is simple but has several variations for variety.

German Wedding Soup Recipe - Hochzeitssuppe
Every cuisine has a wedding soup recipe and German wedding soup is expecially festive. A clear broth with lovely garnishes is the most popular type of wedding soup in Germany.

Basler Mehlsuppe Recipe - Carnival Soup for Fasnet - Flour Soup
Basler Mehlsuppe is served primarily during Mardi Gras in Switzerland. It is made from browned flour mixed with beef broth, red wine and spices.

Suppengruen - Carrots, Onions and Celery
"Suppengruen" or soup greens are traditional vegetables for starting German soups, stews and roasts.

Hamburg Aalsuppe Recipe - German Eel Soup
Hamburg-style Aalsuppe is made with ham broth cooked sweet-sour with vegetables, dried fruit and eel.

Radish Potato Soup Recipe - Rettich Kartoffel Suppe
A pottage or pureed vegetable soup that uses Black Spanish or German Beer radishes along with potatoes, garlic and onion.

Making Homemade Oxtail Soup - Ochsenschwanzsuppe
Learn how to make Oxtail Soup in this illustrated tutorial.

Viennese Goulash Recipe
Viennese goulash recipe, traditional Saftgulasch from Wien. Beef and onions are cooked with Hungarian paprika.

Buttermilk Soup Recipe
A light, buttermilk pudding with dumplings.

Recipe for Rutabaga Stew
A specialty from Schleswig-Holstein this stew is made with smoked pork or sausage, rutabagas and carrots and potatoes.

Kohlrabi and Sausage Stew
Kohlrabi, potatoes and sausage are cooked together in a creamy sauce to make a one dish meal.

Buntes Huhn Recipe - Bean and Pork Stew
Buntes Huhn or Gaensefutter is a stew made with white beans, carrots and sausage.

Savory Beer Soup Recipe
Savory beer soup recipe from Germany with bacon, onion and beef broth.

Leberknoedel - Liver Dumplings - Recipe
Liver dumplings can be used in soup or on their own with sauerkraut and potatoes.

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