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Where Can I Buy a Spaetzle Press?

Some Resources for Buying Noodle-Making Equipment


There are many places on the Web to buy Spaetzle-making products. You may even find a ricer in your local kitchen store. Just be sure to rinse the sticky dough-covered utensil with COLD water right after use. This will aid in cleaning it.

To be honest, I haven't ordered any products from these companies. I will update you with my experiences as I do so.

Spaetzle press and Brett, straight from the Kull Company in Germany. Their website is in English and they ship to the States and other foreign countries.
Loewen Versand

Various ricers, mills and presses for spaetzle and potatoes from Massachusetts.
Kasbahouse.com ( A Metrofields Company)

A Ricer / Spaetzle Press and other German specialties located in Oklahoma.

A ricer for sale in the UK.
Lakeland – The Home of Creative Kitchenware

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