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Regional Recipe Guide to Germany, Austria and Switzerland

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To help you search for a particular regions national or traditional dishes, here is a list of the German dishes you may be familiar with and their recipes.

1. Recipes from Southern Germany

Maultaschen in Broth
Here are a few, typical dishes from Bavaria and Schwabia.

2. Recipes from Northern Germany

Gruenkohl - Cooked Kale from Northern Germany
Northern Germany is known for its fruit, its fish, and its stiff upper lip.

3. East Germany - Former GRD - DDR and Berlin

Christmas Stollen with Raisins
Long doing without and making substitutions do, East Germany has developed a modern culinary tradition of its own as well as kept traditional recipes alive.

4. Austria - Recipes From Austria

Germknoedel - Zerrissen - 2
Aside from the Sound of Music, what else came from Austria? Look in this list for the short answer.

5. Switzerland

Roesti Step by Step - How to Make Swiss Potato Pancakes
Switzerland is known for its cheese and its chocolate.

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