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Regional Specialties

So much food, so little time. In these pages I would like to introduce the varied cuisines found in German-speaking Europe.
  1. Austria (23)
  2. Germany (38)
  3. Switzerland (8)

Regional Recipe Guide to Germany, Austria and Switzerland
To help you search for a particular regions national or traditional dishes, here is a list of the German dishes you may be familiar with and their recipes.

12 German Sausages, From Brilliant to Wonderful
Introducing the most common German sausages. They are all delicious and the cause of much national pride. A sausage recipe from a certain area is a closely guarded secret and the sausage as beloved as the towns soccer team.

Guide to Regional Specialties
German food is made up of many different cuisines, based on early kingdoms, city-states and local availability of ingredients. Germans excel in baking, beer and wine making, have local cheese and sausage specialties and know how to turn meals into celebrations. Dipping into German food is sure to satisfy.

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