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Potatoes and Noodles

So what if potatoes originated in Peru and noodles in China? German cooks quickly found out how to use them to their advantage! These accompaniments to main dishes will fill you up and satisfy your inner German.

Bavarian Bread Dumplings - Semmelknoedel - German Side Dish f…
Semmelknödel is a true, Bavarian comfort food from Germany. This German dumpling is easy to make and does not require planning ahead. Traditional German dumplings go well with gravies, cream sauces and soups.

Cheese Spaetzle Noodle Casserole - Kaesespaetzle
Cheese Spaetzle seems to be a popular dish in Germany and no wonder. The caramelized onions in Cheese Spaetzle make it slightly sweet, the gruyere cheese is nutty and the fresh noodles are great. Easy to make, but time consuming, this casserole is a good meatless alternative or a side dish to simple pork. Make Kaesespaetzle on a day when you are busy in the kitchen anyway. It's a foolproof casserole.

Potato Gratin - German Kartoffelgratin
Make the best potato gratin of your life with this super simple recipe. All it takes is a few potatoes, some cream and a little patience to make Kartoffelgratin. Potato lovers will really enjoy a good, homemade potato gratin with cheese.

Roesti Step by Step - How to Make Swiss Roesti
Making Roesti is very easy and requires just butter, potatoes and salt. This step by step guide to making roesti is made with raw potatoes, although some people insist on using day-old cooked potatoes. Swiss Roesti is a national dish of Switzerland.

German Cottage Potatoes with Bacon
German restaurants serve Bratkartoffeln with everything from fish to Schweinehachse. At home, we can achieve restaurant-quality pan fried potatoes with a little patience and a lot of butter. Try these pan fried potatoes next time you want a simple, but filling side dish.

Mashed Apples and Potatoes - Himmel und Erde
A popular German winter meal, Himmel und Erde (heaven and earth) is usually eaten with sausage and most often with Blutwurst or blood sausage. Himmel und Erde is made by mixing potato mashers with homemade applesauce and smothering the whole with caramelized onions, the taste relies on the quality of ingredients. Make this side dish to serve...

Potato and Leek Gratin - Recipe for German Potatoes and Leeks
This stovetop recipe for potato and leek gratin is a wonderful takeoff of vichyssoise, or potato and leek soup. It is a very easy stovetop recipe which requires very little oversight in the kitchen. This German recipe can be served as a main course or a side dish.

German Potato Noodles - Badische Schupfnudeln
Homemade German potato noodles are a specialty from Baden, near the border with France. These homemade noodles are browned in butter and served with all kinds of meat and sausage dishes. Schupfnudeln are a popular side dish along with sauerkraut.

German Potato Pancakes - Kartoffelpuffer
German potato pancakes are often eaten outdoors at weekly markets and carnevals. In Germany, they are served with a side of applesauce, but you can also serve them with sour cream and smoked salmon. Try this easy recipe for German potato pancakes next time you long for Germany and her food.

Save Linda - Rettet Linda - German Potato Pulled From Market
Save Linda - Rettet Linda - is a German group of concerned citizens trying to save a potato variety from extinction. Linda is a waxy-type potato with good taste and great growing qualities for organic farmers. Linda is no longer allowed to be grown or sold in Germany.

German Potato Salad with Hot Bacon Dressing
German potato salad in a warm bacon vinaigrette is an easy, traditional recipe to try. There is no mayonnaise in this made-from-scratch potato salad so it's a perfect picnic salad. The simple sweet-sour dressing is delicious and the bacon adds a salty counterpoint.

German Potato Varieties
Looking for a specific potato to make your German recipes? Look no further. Here is a list of the most popular types of German potatoes and their equivalent American counterparts. How to choose a potato that is right for your special German recipe.

Potato Salad from Swabia - Schwäbische Kartoffelsalat
A nice change from potato salads with mayonnaise, this German potato salad recipe uses beef broth, vinegar and onions for the dressing. Potato salad goes with everything from bratwurst to hamburgers, so get cooking!

Spätzle - Sparrow Dumplings
Yes, here is a recipe for those wonderful, Black Forest noodles. Their irregular shape gives them their name, little sparrows. You can use a potato ricer, spätzle press, spätzle board, colander or even a slotted spoon to form your noodles.

Potato Dumplings - Kartoffelkloesse
In Southern German cuisine, the Potato Dumpling is a beloved actor. Old-fashioned comfort food, its springy, chewy consistency soaks up gravy and pan juices. You may find them pre-made online, or in a box on the market shelf, but the truly devoted will make their own.

Baked Potatoes with Quark - Blechkartoffeln mit Kräuterquark
An easy potato dished often served as an entrée for a meatless menu. Serve a green salad with them.

Making Spaetzle
Spaetzle is not hard to make, but it can be a bit time-consuming when done completely by hand. Here, I make Spaetzle using a Spaetzle Board and special knife.

How to Make Boiled Potatoes the German Way - Dampfkartoffeln
This is not a real recipe but instructions on how to make German boiled potatoes are indispensable to the German way of eating.

How to Make Nocken - German Dumplings
A step by step guide to making those cute, triangular dumplings found in soups in Germany. This method for making Nocken can be used to arrange mousse or pudding on a plate for dessert. Nocken are related to gnocchi, an Italian dumpling.

Kartoffelschmarrn - Fried Potato Bits from Austria
Riced potatoes are mixed with flour and fried. This can be a main dish with a salad or a side dish to meat, like Tafelspitz.

Green Dumpling Recipe from Southern Germany
Potato dumplings made from both raw and cooked potatoes. Knoedel or Kloesse are simmered in hot water until done, then served with gravy and meat.

Recipe for Greaschtl - South Tyrolean Hash - Groestel
Recipe for Tiroler Groestl. Potato and beef hash. Good way to use leftovers.

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