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German Pastries

Making Traditional European Puff Pastry at Home - Recipe for …
Make puff pastry recipe at home for your next special occasion. These puff pastry treats can be made for birthdays, showers, Thanksgiving or just because. Puff pastry freezes well so make them ahead.

How to Make Filled Rolls - Mohnkranzerl aus Hefeteig
How to make rolls filled with crushed and sweetened poppy seeds. This Austrian specialty goes over well on special occasions for brunch or coffee hour. The enriched yeast dough is easy to work with and these filled rolls can be ready to serve in 2 1/2 hours. Follow these easy step by step instructions for filled rolls.

Mohnkranzerl aus Hefeteig - Recipe for Poppy Seed Rolls
Try these delicious, Austrian Poppy Seed Rolls for a Sunday brunch. These rich, yeast rolls are filled with a homemade poppy seed filling and decorated with an egg glaze. You can also place a hard boiled and colored Easter egg in the middle of these poppy seed rolls to create a "nest" for Easter brunch.

Whole Grain Muffins for Christmas
Enjoy breakfast without guilt with these Christmas muffins. German Stollen flavor with whole wheat and date sugar makes a great wholegrain choice that is quick and easy to mix up. Fast and easy, these healthy muffins are a great choice for brunch.

Amerikaner - Cake-Like Cookies Frosted on the Bottom
Amerikaner are yummy cake-like cookies, glazed on the bottom with powdered sugar and chocolate. These black and white cookies are very similar to the specialty "Black and Whites" you find in New York. They may have come to Germany with the US soldiers and been named Amerikaner for them.

Nutella Pastry Puffs - Puff Pastry with Nutella Filling
Amaze your friends with these easy breakfast pastries. Filled with Nutella and hazelnuts, this pastry is easily made with frozen puff pastry and a jar of Nutella. Since we cannot eat enough of either of those things, these breakfast pastry will be a hit at any brunch. Easy brunch recipe.

A Recipe for Savory Cheese Strudel
Savory cheese strudel is a salty snack which does well on a party plate. Strudel dough is layered with dry curd cottage cheese, rolled into a windmill shape, cut and baked. European cheese strudel is easy to make with a thin, noodle dough.

Traditional Viennese Apple Strudel - Altwiener Apfelstrudel
Making Austrian apple strudel from scratch is not difficult. Traditional apple strudel can be time-consuming, but the skill level needed is moderate. Austrian or German apple strudel contains apples, raisins, rum, almonds, bread crumbs, lots of butter, and strudel dough. Try your hand at old-fashioned apple strudel.

Leipziger Lerchen - Almond Tartlets
Little tarts or mini pies filled with an almond sponge cake. Traditional tartlets baked in Leipzig, they a sweet treats with apricot jam.

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