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Mittagessen Menus

The hot meal of the day is still often served at lunchtime. Whether at a cafeteria, restaurant, or at home where “Mutti” (mother) cooks, hearty, warm stir-fry (Geschnetzeltes), soup (Suppe) or roasts (Braten) dominate in the middle of the day.

German Menu Ideas - Typical German Dishes That Go Together
German dishes shine when served with their traditional sides. Typical German suppers, served at 1 pm, include fresh fruit or compote for dessert, and leave the cake and other sweets for coffee time late in the afternoon. This is a good way to eat and not overeat, especially if you visit Germany. A popular German saying is "Nach dem Essen soll...

A Typical German Meal with Recipes
To start you on your way to the height of German food ecstasy I have put together a menu that you could easily find at lunchtime in a restaurant, a cafeteria or at home.

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