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Main Dishes

The hot meal of the day is still often served at lunchtime. Whether at a cafeteria, restaurant, or at home where “Mutti” (mother) cooks, hearty, warm stir-fry (Geschnetzeltes), soup (Suppe) or roasts (Braten) dominate in the middle of the day.
  1. Fish Recipes (9)
  2. Meat-based recipes (65)
  3. Soups and Stews (39)
  4. Sweet Main Dishes (17)
  5. Vegetarian Recipes (28)

Traditional German Asparagus Recipes for Spring
Here is a list of the recipes in this collection which use asparagus. They are traditional recipes, that focus on the delicate taste of white asparagus.

German Main Dish Gallery
German Main Dish Gallery

German Main Dishes with Meat - Easy German Recipes
Browse a selection of main dish recipes with meat.

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