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Traditional German Recipes - German Recipes for the American Cook


Traditional German Recipes are full of flavor and nostalgia. These German recipes are not hard to make, but some of them take a little more time than others. Other traditional recipes are quick and easy.
  1. Traditional Main Courses
  2. Not Quite Meatless Meals
  3. Soup is Hot
  1. Side Dishes from Deutschland
  2. Traditional German Baking
  3. Festival Food and Specialties

Traditional Main Courses

Sauerbraten by Linda Little

Some dishes we hear about again and again. Sauerbraten, Wienerschnitzel and Schweinehaxe are very popular with tourists and delicious in their own right.

Not Quite Meatless Meals

Maultaschen with Bread Crumbs

German cuisine has many ways of stretching the meat budget. Lenten practices, too, helped create many meatless, or nearly meatless dishes. Here are a few, both sweet and savory.

Soup is Hot

German Oxtail Soup with Cream

Not always hot, German soups are often served before the main midday meal. Soup is a classic for most cuisines, check below for the German twist. Many German soups are related to French recipes, but have been accepted for so long, we think of them as German.

Side Dishes from Deutschland

Bratkartoffeln mit Spiegelei

Ach, those potatoes, noodles and veggies. Wonderful food, sometimes even upstaging the main course. German sides are hearty and filling.

Traditional German Baking


German baking uses large amounts of cream, nuts and fresh fruit. It differs from much of the rest of the world in not being overly sweet. This makes it a big hit with adults and kids.

Festival Food and Specialties

Lebkuchen Heart - Homemade German Gingerbread

Advent, Christmas, Lent, summertime. Special foods are waiting at each of these yearly milestones. Here is a short list of what people eat on those days.

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