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German Cooking Basics


Start here to learn more about German cooking and baking. German cooking is full of inspiring, European flavors, ingredients and cream, lots of cream. Find hearty, soul-satisfying recipes, methods of preparation and the history of German cuisine on these pages.
  1. German/Swiss/Austrian Cooking
  2. Glossaries and Translation Tools
  3. Buy and Make Your Own German Ingredients

German/Swiss/Austrian Cooking

Austrian Apple Strudel - Altwiener Apfelstrudel

Learn about the cooking and baking in these countries. Related historically, geographically and culturally, these three countries account for most of the "German" cuisine you are used to.

Glossaries and Translation Tools

Fennel Cumin Caraway Anise and Celery Seed

A reference guide for deciphering and translating German recipes and ingredients.

Buy and Make Your Own German Ingredients

Many Seeded Bread

There are many ways of finding authentic German ingredients. You can find German delis in big cities such as Denver or NY and many websites will ship imported products. You may also find it rewarding to make your own ingredients to use in the German food you cook and eat.

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