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How to Make a German Paper Cone - Papiertuete


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Making a Papiertuete is Simple
German-style paper cone

Make a paper cone from a sheet of notebook paper


If you have been to Germany you may have noticed that at most of the open-air markets and many of the fruit stands, paper cones are used to carry fruit, nuts, candy, spices and almost anything else that is not pre-packaged, but weighed at the counter.

Children even receive "Schultueten" on their first day of school, filled with trinkets and candy.

"Papiertueten" or "Spitztueten" (Paper cones and pointed cones, respectively) are very old and have been written about since the 1500s. They do not need to be glued for light items, but "Tueten kleben" (to glue bags) is a euphemism meaning to be in prison.

Make your own German "Papiertueten" for gift giving or as a quick transportation device.

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