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Introduction to German Food

Germany has many different cuisines that grew out of the different environments and political states that make up the German-speaking regions in Europe. Explore the variety of food and learn how to cook many of the specialties right here!
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Health and Nutrition from the Middle Ages by Hildegard von Bingen
Hildegard von Bingen had definite ideas about how people should live their lives. Saint Hildegard wrote many volumes about it an although she's known for her volumes on medicine and herbs, in Germany she is well known for her nutritional advice, which many people follow today. Here is a short overview of Hildegard's nutritional rules.

How to Make a German Paper Cone - Papiertuete
How to Make a German Paper Cone - Papiertuete - Step by Step Instructions

How to Make Your Own German Foods and Ingredients
This page describes how to make your own approximations of foods and ingredients that are commonly available in Germany, but not in the US. It includes making your own baking powder and vanilla sugar, quark, sauerkraut and sourdough starter . I have also listed resources for buying the product online or at a store near you.

Introduction to Germany and German Food
Germany is a land full of culinary delights. In the middle of Western Europe, its at the same latitude as Newfoundland; the summer nights are long and inviting while wintertime is cold and snowy. The Christian calendar is a map for German social events and there is always a celebration going on somewhere. German history plays a roll in the development of the German kitchen.

The Well-Stocked German Kitchen
A German kitchen differs slightly from an American one. Different kitchen utensils and vegetables are found in their homes and used on a daily basis.

Getting Started in German Food
What do you know about German food and German cooking? A brat there, some sauerkraut here, heavy and simple. But there is much more to it than that. German food is delicious, nutritious and full of interesting new vegetables and tastes.

Why Do You Cook and Bake From Scratch?
Do you think that cooking and baking from scratch serves some purpose other than feeding yourself? What do you cook from scratch that you cannot buy, What do you buy that is impossible to cook from scratch?

How to Cook With a Double Boiler
Learn how to make a sauce in a double boiler.

Snacks, Imbisse and Brot - Small, German Meals
In Germany, Austria and Switzerland bread meals are so common that there are many names for them. Learn the German terms for Brotzeit and what is eaten at each one.

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