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German-English Measurements and Equivalents

How to Convert a Recipe



A few tips for converting your favorite German recipe so you can use it.

Germans measure solids by weight and liquids with everyday utensils (coffee cup, spoon, etc. or with a liter measure) .

  • 1 coffee cup (Tasse or T) = approx. 150 ml
  • 1 large soup spoon (Essloeffel or Eβlöffel or EL) = approx. 1 level Tbsp
  • 1 teaspoon (Teelöffel or Teeloeffel or Teel. or T) = approx. 1 level tsp
  • 1 knive tip (Messerspitze) = 1/8 tsp or 1 pinch
Adjectives used in German Recipes to Modify the Measurements:
  • gehäuft(e) – heaping, as in heaping teaspoon
  • gestrichen(e) – level, as in level teaspoon


A table of commonly used amounts with U.S. equivalents.

Metric-English Measurement Conversion Chart

Metric-U.S. Equivalents
100 ml2/5 cup
250 ml1+ cup
1 liter1 quart + a bit
100 g white flour7/8 c
100 g white sugar1 cup
100 g butter7 Tbsp
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