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Maggi - Special Seasoning from Switzerland


Maggi Wuerze - Seasoning Sauce

Maggi Wuerze - Seasoning Sauce

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Julius Maggi, a miller from Switzerland, created and marketed the first instant pea and bean soups in the late 1800s in order to serve the need for nutritious, vegetable based foods for the working class. His first factory was in Singen, Germany, established in 1887. (source)

In 1886, the Maggi company came out with a Maggi liquid seasoning. A dark-colored, vegetable protein-based sauce (hydrolyzed vegetable protein is high in MSG), which was to improve the taste of savory foods. It was an inexpensive substitute to meat extracts (fonds and stocks).

Similar to soy sauce, but based on wheat protein, it is high is sodium. There are at least nine different formulations of Maggi seasoning, depending on which country it is sold in.

Maggi Würze is said to smell and taste of lovage but it is unclear if that is one of the herbs in the sauce. A simple substitute for Maggi is Bragg's Liquid Amino Acids sold in health food stores and sometimes soy sauce and Worcestershire sauce mixed together.

Maggi Würze is also found as a condiment on the tables of many restaurants and home cooks. Use it sparingly, as you would soy sauce.

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Pronunciation: Mah -gee
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