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Definition of "Butterbrot"


Basil and Tomato Cream Cheese Spread

Basil and Tomato Cream Cheese Spread


Butterbrot is usually a slice of German bread spread with butter and with extra filling of some sort. Not a full lunch, it is usually a snack for break time. At breakfast and dinner, they are consumed open-faced, but if you take them to school or work, they are folded together with the filling in the middle.

While it's not a good idea to order a "sandwich" in Germany (they have no idea what an American sandwich is), you can't usually order a "Butterbrot" either. You have to make it yourself.

The important parts of the "Butterbrot" are:

  • The bread. It must be a dense, non-squishy type or you can't spread the butter properly.
  • The butter. Sour cream butter from Germany, Denmark or Ireland is preferred.
  • The toppings. Sausage, cheese, jam, radishes, pickles, Nutella, onions, and sometimes all of them at the same time.
Here are a couple of ideas for "Butterbrot" from butterbrot.de to get you started:
  • One piece of bread, thickly spread with cream cheese, some mustard, a slice of Edamer cheese and a thinly sliced tomato.
  • Pumpernickel with butter, cream cheese, Nutella and cherry preserves.
  • Rhinelander Graubrot (rye/wheat sourdough) with liverwurst, tomato slices, salt and pepper (and butter, of course!).

If you would like to make "Butterbrot" but need good German bread, you can buy it online or go to German bread recipes. Here is a gallery of "Butterbrot", all consumed afterwards.

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Pronunciation: Boo-tear-b-row-t
Also Known As: Pausenbrot
Alternate Spellings: Budderbrot
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