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Glossary of German Food Terms
  1. Baking Terms (14)
  2. Fisch Glossary (4)
  3. German Vegetables (19)
  4. Herbs and Spices Glossary (29)
  5. Meat Glossary (17)
  6. Milk and Cheese Glossary (7)

German-English Cooking Glossary
A glossary of German cooking terms with translation and explanation of German cooking methods. Translations of German to English. A German - English cooking glossary.

German Fruit Schnaps and Brandies
Learn about Kirschwasser, Himbeergeist and Zwetschgenwasser, German brandies and schnaps.

Kakao oder Heisse Schokolade
Disambiguation of hot and cold drinking cocoa and hot chocolate in German-speaking Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

Definition of "Mehlspeise"
Definition of Mehlspeise and why it is used in German cuisine.

Definition of "Butterbrot"
Butterbrot is sliced bread with a thin filling in the middle.

Milchkaffee - Café au Lait in German
What is Milchkaffee from Germany? One of the most popular drinks is explained here.

What is Ovomaltine?
What is Ovomaltine? Is it the same as Ovaltine? Find out here.

Potash and Pearlash - German Baking Aid
German baking recipes often call for potash or Pottasche, a leavening agent. Learn about potash and its substitute for modern baking.

Ammonium Carbonate - Hartshorn - Hirschhornsalz
Hirschhornsalz, or ammonium carbonate, is a leavening agent for baked goods like cookies and crackers. Used mostly for Christmas baking, you can often substitute baking powder. Read on for more details about ammonium carbonate.

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