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Low Sugar Recipes from Germany


German recipes with low sugar content and no added sucrose. Only fruit sugars or non-caloric sweeteners are used in these sweet treats.

1. Puddings - Naturally Sweetened

Vanilla Yogurt Mousse

Puddings are one of the easiest foods to make sugar free or low sugar. Since a pudding doesn't have to rise, bake or brown, substituting your favorite sweetener in place of the white sugar is simple.

Griessflammeri - A pudding thickened with farina, this dessert is served with fruit compote which can be cooked in apple juice for added sweetness.

Vanille Nockerl - Gelatin is added to this yogurt mixture to help it retain its shape. Instead of sugar, a little Stevia is added for sweetness. Tart and cool, a fruit sauce is also added for contrast.

Adventsnachtisch - Based on Tiramisu, this dessert uses sugar-free cookies and some agave nectar for extra sweetness. You can also try making it only with Stevia.

Don't forget that you can substitute a little Stevia, agave nectar or other sweetener in many other recipes including: Quarkspeise, Vanillesosse, or Cherry-Quark Parfait.

2. Baking with No Sugar

Whole Wheat Strudel

Cakes without sugar, especially when they are made with whole grains, seem a little too old-school hippie for many people. But these recipes do make the best of both worlds, great for those people on restricted diets.

Zupfkuchen - "Zupfen" means to pull apart and refers to the way the streusel is formed. This fruit-filled cake has just 1/4 cup of agave nectar (aka syrup) in it.

Apple Strudel - The whole wheat dough may be difficult to work with, you may want to substitute regular strudel dough for this one. The filling is super-awesome.

Zwetschgenkuchen - A very traditional cake, this time made with agave nectar and whole wheat. Instructions for regular plum cake are also included.

3. Preserves and Canning

Powidl - Plum Jam - Pflaumenmuss

There is enough natural sugars in many fruits to preserve them without added sugar. Sometimes apple juice is added to help them cook into a nice sauce, when necessary.

Powidl - Austrian plum butter recipe made with plums and spices.

Sommerlust Sauce - Apricots and Cherries remind you of summer in winter, when you open it.

No Cook Fruit Sauce - If you want something quick, test out this fruit sauce which can be served over ice cream, cakes or puddings.

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