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Dessert are enjoyed in almost every cuisine, especially in German cuisines. Try a quarkspeise, Bavarian creme, or Powidl for fun. You won't regret it.
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Layered Strawberry Dessert with Ladyfingers and Cream
Strawberries, whipped cream and ladyfingers are dusted with powdered sugar in a layered dessert.

Chocolate Covered Nuts - Sugar Free Recipe
These chocolate covered nuts, sweetened with stevia and coated in sugar free chocolate and Splenda are a delight which many people will appreciate.

Eight Delicious Recipes for Fresh Fruit
Summertime is awash in fresh fruit. Right now, fruit is less expensive and better tasting than at any other time. Roadside stands are selling it by the bushel and farmers' markets have it piled high on the counter. To make the best of it, it's helpful to have several ideas of what you want to do with it before you get it home. Delicious low and no sugar recipes are waiting for you here.

Plum Cake and Other Recipes for Italian Plums

"Zwetschgenkuchen", or Italian Plum Cake is a late summer and early fall recipe that every "Hausfrau" knows. Plums are very versatile fruit and can be simmered, baked and eaten raw. The Italian plums are green on the inside, but turn vivid pink from the skin when heated.

Low Sugar Recipes from Germany
A list of German recipes with low sugar content and no added sucrose. Only fruit sugars or non-caloric sweeteners are used in these sweet treats.

Birnen im Rotwein
Pears in lightly sweetened red wine with vanilla and cloves. Try them in desert with some creme fraiche or ice cream.

Almond Milk Pudding Recipe
Dairy-free almond pudding recipe made with almond milk, thickened with cornstarch and served with a fruit sauce.

Weinschaum Sauce - Sweet or Savory
This sweet wine sauce can also be made savory. Egg yolks and wine in a double boiler. Also called Chaudeau or Chaudau.

Sweet Beer Soup
Sweet beer soup, a custard made from egg yolks, cream and beer and spiced with cinnamon.

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