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Beer and Wine

We love their beer, we love their wine, but what makes these German drinks so special? Here is an inside look at German libations, including mixed drinks using beer and non-alcoholic drinks.
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German Fruit Schnaps and Brandies
Learn about Kirschwasser, Himbeergeist and Zwetschgenwasser, German brandies and schnaps.

Pharisees Coffee with Rum - Pharisaeer
This coffee drink with rum and whipped cream is the national drink of North Frisia. Coffee with rum is a very tasty way to drink coffee and the legend states that it was created to hide the alcohol from a very strict pastor. Try this coffee with rum recipe.

German Eggnog - Eierlikoer - Recipe for German Egg Liqueur
German Eggnog is not just for little old ladies who secretly indulge. Many people love sipping the smooth eggnog liqueur flavored with brandy and vanilla. This easy recipe for eggnog liqueur heats the eggs to just under the boiling point.

Strawberry Summer Punch - German Erdbeerbowle
Strawberry Punch, or Erdbeerbowle, is a party must-have at summer parties in Germany. This sweet, alcoholic punch is easy to make and has a very striking color. German white wine and strawberry punch is a wonderful addition to your summer soirée.

German Grape Varietals
German grapes and the wine they make differ surprisingly from the better known varietals grown in the US, Italy or France. While whites predominate, German reds are making some inroads and receiving acclaim.

German Wine - Deutscher Wein
For years, German wine has been seen by America as cheap Liebfraumilch in the blue bottle, or sweet Rieslings. While many of the exports are still sweet, dry Riesling has enjoyed a boom in the 21st century with the result that German wine exports to the US doubled between 1995 and 2006.

Mixed Drinks in Germany
If you are ordering drinks in Germany or need a special mix to wash down that wonderful roast and potatoes, look no further. Here is a list of the most common mixed drinks served in Germany.

Beer Brats - Bratwurst Poached in Beer
Beer Brats - an American tradition born of German immigrants. Popular in Wisconsin, learn how to make authentic beer brats.

Christmas Punch - Fire Tongs Punch - Feuerzangenbowle
Feuerzangenbowle is a punch of hot, mulled wine that is sweetened with caramalized sugar. A festive, Christmas drink from Germany.

Punch Made Using a Sugarloaf - Non Alcoholic
A non alcoholic punch which is similar to a German Feuerzangenbowle. Hot and ceremoniously finished at the table or buffet, this is made with black tea and fruit juices.

German Tea Culture and Preparation
Learn how to prepare and drink German tea, especially East Frisian tea. History and necessary items.

Spiced Hot Chocolate Recipe
Hot chocolate recipe with typical German Christmas spices: cardamom, coriander, cloves, star anise and cinnamon.

Classifying German Beer
The German tax system puts beer into 4 categories depending on the specific gravity of the wort.

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