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Donuts and Deep Fried Pastries

Little German Donuts - Schmalzkuchen
Make little donut holes like they bake in Germany. A recipe for yeasted donut holes covered with powdered sugar and served hot in paper cones. German Schmalzkuchen to fry at home.

Fasching bowties - Faschingsschleifen
A recipe for deep-fried bow ties which uses baking powder and not yeast. I have included traditional instructions to show you how the German cooks baked by hand 50 years ago. Modern-day technology has taken some of the effort out of baking, thank goodness.

Whole Wheat Pumpkin Fritters - Kürbiskrapfen
This is a recipe for a “Vollwert” Fasching party, for people who are trying to eat healthy. Now, nothing is going to make deep-frying healthy. But here we use whole wheat and date sugar in the pumpkin fritters to increase the fiber and eliminate the white sugar, so just maybe, you will allow yourself to indulge.

Tirolean Fasching Donuts - Faschingskrapfen nach Tiroler Art
A different yeast dough, made with white wine and grappa, for adult tastes. The schnapps is important, because it gives an extra rise to the dough when fried. The alcohol evaporates during the process. This recipe stems from Austria, near the Italian border.

Fasnet Curls (Schwabia) - Fasnetzöpfe aus Schwaben
A quick recipe for German Mardi Gras. Fasching curls are deep fried and dusted with powdered sugar.

Pumpkin Fritters for Mardi Gras in Germany
Some people like their traditional fare a little more sophisticated. That’s why Kürbiskrapfen, or pumpkin fritters are fun additions to a Mardi Gras or Fasching party. Or try serving the slightly sweet fritters for dessert with a sweet, white wine.

Fasching Donuts With 3 Fillings, Vanilla, Chocolate and Jelly
Call them Berliner, Pfannekuchen or Krapfen, donuts have their high season in January and February. You can fill them before or after frying them, or leave them plain, sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Vanilla Filling for Donuts
There are many uses for this Vanilla Filling recipe besides filling donuts. Use it under the fruit in fruit tarts, as the bottom of a black and tan pie, or to fill a layer cake.

Chocolate Filling for Donuts
Chocolate Filling for Donuts. This filling could also be used for cupcakes or muffins before baking.

Mutzenmandeln - Karneval Donut Holes
Mutzenmandeln are small, almond-shaped donutseaten primarily during Carnival (Karneval) and Christmas in Germany along the Rhine. Deep fried and sweet, these treats can be made all year long with this recipe.

Apfelkrapfen - Apple Fritter Recipe
Apfelkrapfen are slices of apple covered with a batter and fried. Serve with sugar and cinnamon or vanilla sauce.

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