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Fruit and Ice Cream Sweets

From the simple to the sublime, every meal should be topped off with a dessert. Fruit based desserts are very popular in Germany! These sweets can be served in the afternoon for tea and coffee time, too.

How and When to Make Rumtopf Fruit
Start your Rumtopf in early summer so you can enjoy the rum soaked fruit at Christmas. Fruit preserved with sugar and rum.

Strawberries with Green Peppercorns
Strawberries marinated with green peppercorns are delightfully refreshing and a big change from overly sweet sauces. Serve with yogurt, ice cream or whipped cream for a light dessert when strawberries are ripe.

Apricot Compote - Recipe for Apricot Compote - Aprikosenkompott
Apricot compote is one of the delights of summer. Cooking apricots in a compote reduces the fuzz on the fruit and makes a delicious syrup which goes well with sweet and savory dishes. Flavor compotes with cinnamon and clove or a piece of vanilla bean for exotic aromas.

No Bake Cherry Cream Quark Dessert - Kirsch Sahnequark Recipe
German cuisine has a large range of "Quarkspeisen", or no-bake quark desserts. This no bake dessert is made with a cherry topping and an extra chocolate rice wafer to make it festive. No bake desserts fit well into light summer menus.

Austrian Souffle Dessert Recipe - Salzburger Nockerln - Baked…
A vanilla soufflé which is lightly scented with lemon and formed into three mounds or "Nockerl". This soufflé has been a mainstay of Austrian cuisine since the seventeenth century and when you taste it, you will know why it remains popular.

Baked Apples - German Bratapfeln - Recipe for Baked Apples
Baked apples are traditional Christmas and winter eating in Germany. Often, they form the backbone of a baked apple party, being inexpensive and easy to make. Serve baked apples with vanilla sauce for a delicious dessert.

Italian Plum Pudding - Pflaumen Grütze - Pudding or Filling …
This fruit compote is also known as Pflaumengrütze or Zwetschgengrütze, is a good, late summer harvest dish. Grütze is a northern German specialty and is made from fruit thickened with starch or tapioca and served with cream or vanilla sauce.

Neapolitan Ice Cream - Quick and Easy Ice Cream Dessert
Make an easy Neapolitan ice cream cake by mixing vanilla ice cream with chocolate and strawberries for a fresh, intense flavor. Neapolitan ice cream is known as Fuerst Pueckler Eis in Germany and is a three-layered ice cream dessert. Make Neapolitan ice cream at home for a dinner party or birthday celebration.

Austrian Pancake Recipe - Kaiserschmarrn Recipe with Raisins
Kaiserschmarren is an Austrian pancake which you may have ordered at a ski resort once. This Austrian recipe is a classic sweet dinner from flour (Mehlspeise) and often served at the midday meal. Kaiserschmarrn is a delicious, sweetened pancake with raisins commonly cooked in Austria and Bavaria.

German Weinkompott - A Recipe for Stewed Fruit in Wine
This simple but traditional German recipe for stewed stone fruits or compote is a delicious summer dessert idea. Serve fruit in wine with whipped cream or yogurt, it's a healthy alternative to rich desserts. You may want to preserve this compote by canning or freezing.

German Fresh Fruit Torte - Obsttorte mit frishem Obst
A fresh fruit cake made with store-bought cake base and pudding. Make a fresh fruit or strawberry shortcake, German-style. Traditional German fruit torte recipe with cream and sponge cake. Serve this cake at coffee time for Kaffee und Kuchen.

Recipe for Layered Cream Dessert
Try something different for dessert for your Christmas party guests, a luscious cream and yogurt dessert, layered with spekulatius, or gingerbread cookies, and fruit. This cream dessert can be made in low sugar variation, or sweeten to taste. Make this layered dessert a day ahead for best results.

Whole Grain Recipe for Baked Plums - Ueberbackene Zwetschgengratin
Make a simple German dessert using seasonal fruit. Right now, it's plums, but with a couple changes, strawberries or nectarines would work as well. Try this German recipe for a special menu dessert with a glass of sweet champagne.

Cherry Ice Cream Sundaes - Amarena Eisbecher
Try a grown up ice cream sundae recipe with cherries, kirschwasser and vanilla ice cream. Recipe for a German ice cream sundae with cherries and almond flavor. A dessert idea from Germany.

Griessflammeri mit Aprikosen - Recipe for Semolina Pudding with Aprico
This traditional German dessert is easy to make and delicious. Make this pudding using semolina or farina. To make it gluten-free try brown rice hot cereal instead. German pudding recipe is a good way to finish a meal. This recipe is made with no added sucrose so it's sucrose-free.

Vanilla Yogurt Mousse
A vanilla yogurt mousse recipe that will make your mouth water. Make this homemade German dessert early in the day and serve with any kind of fresh fruit you like. A fresh and airy cream dessert idea for summer parties.

Eiskaffee Recipe - Coffee and Ice Cream
Eiskaffee is found in most ice cream parlors in Germany. This recipe for Coffee and Ice Cream, Eiskaffee, attempts to recreate the flavor and feeling of a sidewalk café in Germany. Its not-too-sweet mixture of cold coffee, ice cream and whipped cream is more of an adult treat than a kid's sundae.

Cherry Compote with Almond Flavoring - Rezept fuer Amarenakirschen
This recipe for cherry compote with almond flavoring is an integral step to making a wonderful ice cream sundae. Cherry sauce over vanilla ice cream is made special by adding amaretto and almond flavoring. Recipe can be doubled

Spaghettieis - Spaghetti Ice Cream Sundae from Germany
Spaghettieis is an ice cream sundae which you can recreate at home. Spaghetti Eis, once found only in German ice cream parlors, is an easy German specialty with a large fun factor. Vanilla ice cream is pressed through a potato ricer and drizzled with strawberry sauce and white chocolate flakes to simulate noodles, tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese.

Quark Creme - Quarkspeise
Quark Creme is a dessert with many variations. It uses a type of sour milk cheese made in Eastern Europe. The whipped cream can be omitted to save calories, but certainly tones down the tart flavor. This dessert is related to the English “Fool”.

Amarula Dream Dessert Recipe - Fruit Salad with Amarula and W…
Amarula liqueur is made from a South African fruit and is the official liqueur of the 2010 World Cup. This simple, no cook dessert celebrates the African continent and tropical fruit. Amarula liqueur tastes creamy and sweet, with a touch of fruit.

Trifle mit Panettone, Erdbeeren & Vanillecreme - Strawberry Fool
This strawberry trifle is layered with vanilla pudding creme, panetonne or brioche cubes and strawberries soaked in liqueur. Topped with whipped cream, it is an elegant dessert.

Raspberry Dessert With Ice Cream - Himbeer Baiser Eis
A simple dessert recipe with fresh or frozen berries and ice cream. Crumbled meringue cookies are a crunchy addition.

Learn how to make Rote Gruetze, a typical German dessert from the north. A...
How to make Rote Gruetze, or red berry pudding. Served with vanilla sauce, it is a popular restaurant item.

Pears Belle Helene Recipe
A German Pears Belle Helene called Birne Helene which poaches the pears in white wine. Served with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream.

Fried Egg Cake (Spiegeleierkuchen)

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