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Meatless Alternatives for Breakfast and Dinner

Food for Lent


Lent is a time of year when Catholics abstain from certain foods such as meat and follow other religious customs to prepare themselves for the Resurrection of Christ. Germany has both Catholic and Protestant areas, the most predominant Catholic areas are along the Rhine river and the Southern states of Franconia and Bavaria.

Here are a few German recipes without meat and ideas for interesting dinners or desserts.

1. Fish for Forty

Baked Fish in Horseradish Sauce

Try baked fish, pickeled fish and others.

  • This is an uncommon but simple dish for Baked Fish in Horseradish Sauce. It is easy to complete after work and can be served with potatoes or noodles to soak up the extra sauce.
  • You might also like to try Herring Salad, a cold salad with pickeled fish. This salad is often served for New Year's (eating fish is considered lucky on January 1st) and Ash Wednesday. Pickled Herring, potatoes make it special.

2. Meatless Bread Spreads for Lunch

Tomato Spread for Bread - Vegetarian Bread Spread

These meatless alternatives are a great change from peanut butter. Try themd on fresh baked bread o Saturday mornings and you won't even miss the bacon.

3. Meatless Mains

Roggenauflauf - Meatless Balls in Tomato Sauce

Meatless casseroles don't have to be dull. Vegetables and grains, cheese and tomatoes have lots of flavor on their own.

4. Potatoes for Lent

Bratkartoffeln mit Spiegelei

Many potato dishes are great on their own, or you can add a fried egg or fish to them (fish 'n chips, anyone?). Take a look at these yummy dishes.

5. Sweet Main Dishes

Kaiserschmarrn - Austrian Dessert Pancake with Raisins

The favorite lunch for kids and kids at heart. Sweet main dishes are usually accompanied by a nice, vegetable soup and fruit, making them nutritious, too.

6. Simple Desserts

Pflaumengruetze with Whipped Cream - Plum Pudding

Desserts based on fruit will finish the meal nicely.

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