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Eight Delicious Recipes for Fresh Fruit

Summer Bounty Possibilities


Summertime is awash in fresh fruit. Right now, fruit is less expensive and better tasting than at any other time. Roadside stands are selling it by the bushel and farmers' markets have it piled high on the counter.

To make the best of it, it's helpful to have several ideas of what you want to do with it before you get it home. Delicious low and no sugar recipes are waiting for you here to try. In many cases, you can eliminate added sugar completely. Try using stevia, agave nectar or a non-sugar sweetener, instead.

1. Cherry and Farina Casserole - Griessauflauf mit Kirschen

A Serving of Griessauflauf with Cherries

A sweet casserole made with fresh Bing cherries, but not too sweet. The casserole serves 3 to 4 people for lunch and has only 1/4 cup of sugar in it.

Try it for dessert, instead, and put plenty of whipped cream on top!

2. Apricot Cake - Aprikosenkuchen

Apricot Cake in Oven - Aprikosenkuchen
A mainstay in German summers. While the apricots are ripe, you can count on eating or baking at least one of these per week. Simple, one-bowl cake where fresh apricots are baked into the top, this cake can be [b]ready in just over an hour[/b], from start to finish.

3. Low Sugar Cherry-Apricot Fruit Sauce - Sommerlust Kompott

Breakfast Parfait with Yogurt and Fruit Sauce.

You don't always have to can jam or whole fruit. This sauce or compote is sweetened with apple juice and the fruit. The small batch can be done in an hour and makes enough for two glasses of preserves, or you may choose to freeze it, instead.

Use this sauce for ice cream, yogurt, waffles, puddings or in-between cake layers. Or, try it with turkey or pork, instead of cranberry or applesauce.

4. Amarena Sauce - Cherry Sauce with Almond Flavoring

Cherry Sauce with Almond Flavoring over Ice Cream

This cherry sauce can be made in any quantity and only takes a few minutes to cook. It tastes wonderful over vanilla ice cream.

You may choose to replace the sugar in this sauce with stevia or other non-caloric sweetener, without affecting the consistency, if you wish.

5. Quarkspeise with Fruit


Any fruit can be used in quarkspeise, which is a mixture of a very thick, fresh cheese, whipped cream and sugar. Blackberries, cherries, or the sauces described above can all be delicious foils for the creamy quark.

Once again, sugar is not required for consistency, so feel free to substitute your favorite sweetener.

6. Vanilla Yogurt Mousse with Fruit

Vanilla Yogurt Mousse with Wine Fruit
Try this no-cook, no-bake recipe made with yogurt, cream and gelatin. It's a smooth complement to any fruit salad or compote. Tart and tangy, this mousse recipe is a nice change from whipped cream.

7. Stone Fruit in Wine - Weinkompott

Wine Compote with Stone Fruits
Try this semi-cooked fruit salad for your next dessert. The red wine is key, so use a fruity one, like Zinfandel. Refrigerate for several hours for best flavor.

8. Semolina Pudding with Apricots - Griessflammeri

Griessflammeri mit Aprikosen - Semolina Pudding with Apricots
A cool pudding made with cooked grains and milk, this recipe uses fruit juice and Stevia to sweeten. Serve with apricot compote or other fruit mix.
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