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Gingerbread House Step By Step


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Make Your Template and Cut Out Your House
Collage of Gingerbread House

Collage of Gingerbread House


Planning and Making Your Templates

The pan I used for this project had interior dimensions: 17 inches by 12 inches.

The width of the house template should be half of the length of your pan, or a little smaller. The roof pitch shown here is called a 3:12 pitch or 2 1/2 inch rise over 8 inch width (approximate).

Therefore, my cardboard pieces measured:

  • Side piece - 8" by 4 1/2".
  • Gable end - 8" wide by 4 1/2" tall, rising to 7" tall at the peak,
  • Roof - 5 1/2" inches by 9 1/2", which allows about a 1 inch overhang on three sides.
This made it possible to cut two sides and two gable ends from one sheet pan. The resulting house is 8 x 8 inches square and 7 inches high.

How to Cut the Gingerbread

Cut 2 pieces of gingerbread from each cardboard template. Make sure your template fits the amount of gingerbread you baked. Lay the cardboard on the warm gingerbread and score around them with a sharp knife. Cut through gingerbread and lift out of pan onto cutting board. Cut out doors and windows as desired.

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