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Gingerbread House Step By Step


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Gingerbread House Design and Construction
Swiss Chalet of Gingerbread Houses

Swiss Chalet of Gingerbread Houses


Making a gingerbread house requires at least 2 days and dedication. If you try to slap a house together at last minute and you will have a heap of soggy dough and egg whites. Find an out-of-the-way spot in your house to assemble the house, since it needs time for the frosting "mortar" to set up. A playroom or unused dining room is good. Keep pets away while drying.

You will need:

  • Cardboard, one sheet for the base and one sheet for the house template.
  • Foil to cover the base.
  • Two batches of dough.
  • Two batches of frosting.
  • Protractor or T-square.
  • Knife for cutting around templates and carving pieces.
  • Any cake decorating bags or helpers you have.
  • Mugs of appropriate height to hold up walls while drying.

Things you might consider:

  • You can light up the inside of the house with LEDs or Christmas lights by coming up through the base into the house. This should be planned and constructed ahead of time.
  • You can draw or print a diorama for the inside of the house, maybe with a burning fireplace, kettle, stove or other picture. Once the walls are up, you can pin the diorama in place around three walls, so you can see it when you peek in.
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