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Setting Up a German Grill - How to Grill Outdoors Like a German


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Grilling on a German Schwenker
How To Set Up A German Style Barbecue - The Schwenker, A German Tradition

Time to Grill - Place the Meat on the Fire - The Schwenker, A German Tradition


The grill and chain was suspended over the wired-together top over the fire and coals. The fire was started about an hour before grilling to give us good heat rather than flames.

Traditionally, beech wood is used, however in Colorado we used juniper and pinon pine wood. Beech wood does impart a specific flavor, but its unavailability should not stop you from grilling. You may also make a charcoal fire for this project.

The chain loops around the top of the tripod and hangs down one side. We were lucky with the fence posts because the stabilizer bar (the piece that looks like an arrowhead) was convenient for wrapping the chain to keep it from slipping. It was easy to unwrap and adjust the height of the grill.

Remove the meat from the marinade a piece at a time, shake off most of the onions and place it on the grill. In this session, the grill was very stable and did not tip because it was well balanced.

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