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Setting Up a German Grill - How to Grill Outdoors Like a German


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Getting to the Heart of the Schwenker - Making Your Tripod
How To Set Up A German Style Barbecue - The Schwenker, A German Tradition

Building a Tripod - The Schwenker, A German Tradition


So now you are out in the forest and you are ready to grill. You have thoughtfully brought along three pieces of metal, about six or more feet long apiece. Also in your kit is a way to knot them together at the top that is non-flammable.

In our photo you can see that we chose six foot fence posts, but you could use sturdy rebar or other metal material. We leaned them together in a triangle and wrapped electric fence wire around the top to hold them. Then, we moved the tripod and positioned it over the fire.

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