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German Birthday Celebrations - Customs, Games and Songs

How to Say "Happy Birthday" in German


Birthday Games

  • Waldralley (forest rally)
    City parks in Germany are often called the city forest and meander in and around neighborhoods. It's a good bet that your German apartment or house is within walking distance of one of these parks, which makes it perfect for preparing and conducting a "Waldralley" where teams look to fill their list fastest. Lists can be natural, woodsy things such as "5 beautiful leaves", "5 different leaves", "red colored pebble", "bird feather", or planted things like leaving clues to where to find wrapped candy or prizes.
  • Schnitzeljagd (Treasure or Scavenger Hunt)
    Follow clues from one station to the next, ending at a cool destination with prizes, ice cream or other treat.
  • Gummitwist (very old game) (Chinese Jump Rope) Two children form a rectangle around their legs with an elastic loop. A third child does a hopping sequence in and out of the elastic, which the rest of the children have to remember and copy. It might be good to limit the number of moves at first.
  • Schlangenschwanz (Snake's Tail) The children form a line and hold on to each other's waist. The first child in line tries to catch the last child in line (the snake chasing its tail).

Birthday Songs

What To Say On Birthdays

  • "Herzlichen Glückwünsch zum Geburtstag" - Happy birthday to you.
  • "Alles Gute zum Geburtstag" - Best wishes for your birthday.
  • "Danke für die Einladung" - Thank you for the invitation.
  • "Ich gratuliere zum Geburtstag!" - Congratulations on your birthday!
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