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Celebrations always require special foods. If you want to know how to prepare party foods (and perhaps how they came to be associated with certain festivals) the following pages will give you all the information you need.
  1. Advent and Christmas (45)
  2. Parties and Get-Togethers (6)
  3. Summer and Fall Recipes (9)
  4. Winter and Spring Recipes (15)

Sautéed Mushrooms with Garlic Sauce - Just Like at the German Market…
Mushrooms in Garlic Sauce is such a simple recipe that you have to try it. Just like the mushrooms you buy at the German market stands, this simple dish is served as a snack. The fragrance of mushrooms and garlic can be smelled before you enter the fair.

Decorated German Gingerbread Hearts with Sayings on Them - Markt Lebk
Make German Gingerbread Hearts or Lebkuchenherzen at home and give them to your sweethearts. Large gingerbread hearts hang from ribbons and are decorated with royal icing. Homemade gingerbread hearts are fun and easy to make.

The Holidays of Germany
The German holidays revolve around a Christian calendar. Each holiday has its own distinct foods and fun.

New Year's Eve in Germany - Silvesteressen - What to Eat on New Year's
New Year's Eve in Germany is a busy day, filled with good things to eat and drink. There are many rituals and foods thought to bring you good luck and riches in the new year, so take a look.

Karneval - German Carnival and Mardi Gras
German Karneval or Fasching is celebrated primarily in Catholic regions in Germany, Switzeland and Austria. Learn about food and customs associated with Karneval.

Oktoberfest Listings in the US for 2012
A list by state of Oktoberfests held in the USA with dates, times and attractions offered.

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