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German Cakes

German Cakes

Pflaumenkuchen with Two Crusts
Plums are layered on batter which bakes up and around them. Sweet pie crust underneath.

Sunken Cherry Cake Recipe
An easy recipe done in an hour. Lemony cake batter with cherries baked right in. Also includes high altitude baking instructions.

How to Make a Frankfurter Kranz
Frankfurter Kranz is a cake filled with buttercream frosting and decorated with hazelnut brittle and more frosting. It is very popular for afternoon tea for guests.

Chocolate Chip Cake with Cherries Recipe - Schokokuchen mit Kirschen
I call this chocolate chip cake my kitchen sink cake, since it has everything: ground nuts, chocolate chips, fruit, lemon peel and cinnamon. Even so, this German sponge cake is not too sweet, has no frosting and goes well with a bit of sweetened, whipped cream.

German Poundcake - Classic Sandkuchen with Lemon and Vanilla
A "Wiener Masse" is used to make German poundcake or Sandkuchen. Sandkuchen is a batter made by heating the eggs and sugar and adding butter in the final step. The butter keeps the poundcake moist. Sandkuchen is a loaf cake but you could use this recipe to make layered cakes.

Recipe for the Famous Frankfurter Kranz
If you want to know how to make a fancy, Frankfurter Kranz, you have come to the right place. Frankfurter Kranz, or Frankfurter Crown Cake is a great, buttercream cake for beginners because the crocant hides any frosting shortcomings. Frankfurter Kranz is filled with buttercream and jelly and decorated with bits of brittle and cherries.

Alsatian Apple Cake
Alsace lies on the border of Germany and France and has a wonderful culinary tradition mixing both German and French cuisines. This apple cake recipe is very popular in German kitchens due to its ease and high success rate. It combines two popular tastes, apples and vanilla cream for a crowd-pleasing recipe.

Apfelkuchen Recipe - Wiener Apple Cake
You can buy German apple cake in a bakery or make it yourself, where the smells of baking apples and lemon will brighten your house. This popular apple cake recipe is considered standard for many bakeries and cafes, but it is simple to make at home with ingredients from the grocery store.

Apple Cake Recipe with Whole Wheat - German Apple Cake Recipe
Try this whole wheat apple cake recipe sweetened with agave syrup for your next brunch or tea party. Moist and flavorful, this apple cake recipe hits the mark with a little whipped cream. You can vary the flavors and the dried fruit to suit in this apple cake recipe.

Apple Cake with Nut Glaze - Recipe for Apple Cake - Apfelkuch…
A batter cake. Layers of apples and fancied up with a caramelized nut topping makes this apple cake a stand out. Serve this apple cake with whipped cream for a totally decadent afternoon snack. It goes together in a snap, the warm apple cake can be served within two hours.

What is a Ruehrteig Cake? - German Cake Defined
A Ruehrteig is cake batter that is stirred together. Read on for more information on pound cakes and sponge cakes.

Apricot Cake - Aprikosenkuchen - Recipe for Fresh Apricot Cake
A recipe for an everyday, sunken apricot cake. How to make German Aprikosenkuchen. This is a simple German recipe that everyone can make. Great apricot cake with whipped cream.

Apricot Cake with Almond Filling - Aprikosenkuchen Recipe
Apricot cake made with fresh apricots can be delightful. Apricot cake is especially delicious when it has a moist. cream and almond filling, as in this recipe. Apricot cake is a very popular home- baked, German treat.

Bienenstich Cake - Bee Sting Cake
Bienenstich or Bee Sting Cake can take on many different forms. Bienenstich has a lovely honey, almond candy topping a honey flavored cake and is filled with cream. You may bake Bienenstich as a German sheet cake or in a springform pan. Fill it with whipped cream, or a whipped cream and pudding mix, or just pudding. The cake base is made with baking powder or yeast.

Black Forest Cherry Cake - Schwarzwälder Kirchtorte
Black Forest Cherry Cake is a simple layer cake to make. This authentic German cake is made up of a chocolate layer cake with cherries in the middle and whipped cream on top. The top is decorated with chocolate sprinkles. Schwarzwälder Kirchtorte is an easy cake to make.

Butter Cake - Butterkuchen
This is a German recipe for a very simple, yeasted coffee cake. This German cake is loved by many and very easy to make. Traditionally, it is served in the afternoon, but you can serve it for your morning coffee break or even breakfast. Written in English, it is an easy recipe to follow.

Cheesecake with Cherry Filling and Sponge Base Recipe
A layered, no-bake cheesecake recipe with almond sponge base, cherry filling and yogurt "cheesecake" topping. Elegant enough for a special occasion and a cheesecake to make ahead of time, leaving you free to attend to your guests. A no-bake cheesecake, layered recipe for coffee time or brunch.

Cheesecake with Chocolate Streusel - German Quarkkuchen mit Streusel
A traditional German cheesecake recipe made with quark or yogurt cheese with a chocolate crust and streusel topping. German cheesecake is easy to make. This traditional German cheesecake is called a Russischer Zupfkuchen and a delicious chocolate cheesecake recipe.

Cheesecake with Quark - Käsekuchen
A recipe for German cheesecake using quark for the cheese. The cookie crust is not too sweet, but you can also substitute your favorite graham cracker crust if you like. A German specialty, this cheesecake recipe can use yogurt cheese instead of quark and achieve good results.

Cherry Cheesecake - German Kirchkuchen mit Quark
Make a cherry cheesecake the German way. German cherry cheesecake is made with a layer of cherries and a topping of eggs and quark or yogurt cheese. Choose the crust for your cherry cheesecake, this one is made from yeast dough, but you can make a cookie crust or crumb crust.

Chocolate and Almond Cream Cake - German Schokosahnetorte
German cream cakes are famous the world over and are simple to make. This German Chocolate and Almond Cream Cake is a typical German cake recipe and contains almond meal and grated chocolate. This whipped cream cake is filled with apricot marmalade and clothed in almond-flavored whipped cream.

Danube Waves Cake - Three-Layered Cake with Cherries, Cream and Chocolate
The Donauwellen Cake gets its name from the swirls in the cake formed by the sunken cherries and the swirls of pudding or butter cream in the middle, layered with chocolate on top. This reminds people of the standing waves formed in the Danube as water flows over large rocks. This typical Austrian cake is too rich for dessert but perfect for afternoon tea and coffee.

Easy German Chocolate Streusel Cake - Schokostreusal Kuchen
This easy German cake with chocolate streusel topping is make from scratch and can be made in just about one hour. Made in a springform pan, Chocolate Streusel Cake has a hidden layer of apricot jam on top of buttery cake. Crunchy chocolate bits top this easy German cake.

German Christmas Stollen
German stollen should be made ahead of time and allowed to age for several weeks. It is served during Advent and the Christmas festivities. It is a rich yeast dough full of raisins, nuts, and candied fruit.

German Fresh Fruit Torte - Obsttorte mit frishem Obst
A fresh fruit cake made with store-bought cake base and pudding. Make a fresh fruit or strawberry shortcake, German-style. Traditional German fruit torte recipe with cream and sponge cake. Serve this cake at coffee time for Kaffee und Kuchen.

German Poppy Seed Cake - Mohnkuchen mit Eierdecke
Ground or crushed poppy seeds are popular ingredients for cakes in Germany. Here is a poppy seed cake with a cookie crust and a sour cream topping. It's very sophisticated-looking but not hard to make.

German Sheet Cake for Parties - Buttermilk Sheet Cake with Coconut Topping
German sheet cakes are easy to make and good for potlucks, bake sales or any time you need a lot of servings, fast. This German sheet cake is a buttermilk and baking powder risen cake, with your choice of topping, coconut or almond slivers. This tasty sheet cake is great for parties and potlucks.

German-Style Chocolate Sponge Cake
A sponge cake recipe is the basis for many cream-filled cakes or German Torten. This chocolate sponge cake has a hint of cinnamon in it, a typical German addition to chocolate. Sahnetorten are one of Germany's wonderful bakery products. Homemade, cream-filled cakes look daunting, but can be constructed with simple kitchen tools and taste great.

Gugelhupf Cake - A Bundt Cake with Yeast
Gugelhupf Cake, thought to have southern German and Austrian origins, is a yeast leavened cake baked in a Gugelhupf form, like a bundt pan. The hole in the middle of the Gugelhupf allows for more even baking. Newer versions use baking powder but the original cake contains yeast.

Linzer Torte - Nut Cake with Jelly - Recipe for Small Linzertorte
While Linzer Torte is a staple at the bakeries in Linz, Austria, there is debate whether it was developed there or in Vienna. A shortcrust-type pastry without leavening agents is used in this Linzer Torte, with lots of spice and a good coating of jelly as well. Linzer Torte is a dry cake with a jam or jelly filling and a lattice design on top.

Marble Cake in a Small Bundt Pan
Marble cakes are a very popular addition to afternoon coffee and cake get-togethers. This marble cake recipe makes enough for a small baking pan which holds 4 1/2 cups of batter. Marble cake is best eaten fresh, but could be frozen for unexpected guests.

Nutella Strudel with Bananas and Hazelnuts - Easy Chocolate Strudel
Use frozen puff pastry to make this quick and easy chocolate-flavored strudel. Nutella strudel has bananas and hazelnuts inside for contrast and an egg wash for shine. Puff pastry is found in the freezer section of your grocery store.

Old Cake Recipes From the Past - Braunschweiger Kuchen
Looking for old cake recipes from long ago? This cake recipe was translated from an old, German cookbook. Modern measurements were added to this old cookbook recipe to make it easy to bake.

Plum Pie with Meringue - Pflaumen Baisertorte
Baiser is French for "kiss" and a meringue is much like a kiss for many people. Light and tasting like "more", meringue is a festive topping for pies and cakes. This pie, made with ripe plums and meringue, is an adaptation of a German Sunday cake. It has been simplified and made to fit a regular pie tin.

Pound Cake with Chocolate Bits - Omas Schokostückle Kuchen
German pound cake recipe with chopped chocolate bits will be a hit with a hot cup of tea. This simple recipe for Schokostückle Kuchen is a type of Rührkuchen, from which Königskuchen, Marmorkuchen and other cakes which are baked in a bread form or Kastenform are derived. How to make a German Rührkuchen with chocolate.

Recipes Using Sourdough Starter
After feeding your sourdough with flour, you may have an excess of starter which you have to throw out if you don't have time to bake bread. Or do you? This quick coffeecake is one of many recipes using sourdough starter which is fun, too. Flour, sugar and eggs, along with a little cinnamon and cardamom, go well with sourdough flavors and are not too sweet.

Rustic Fruit and Almond Torte with Spelt Crust Recipe
Cherries and almonds work their magic in this rustic fruit torte. A spelt crust keeps the cake down to earth and not too sweet. Ground almonds and cream top the rustic fruit and spelt crust, creating just the right mix for a homemade treat.

Sheet Cake Recipe with Quark and Streusel - Streuselkuchen mit Quarkfüllung
A German cake recipe in English for your next Kaffeekranz. This sheet cake recipe uses yeast and quark, or yogurt cheese to make a gourmet delight better than any Entemann’s.

Sponge Cake with Ground Hazelnuts - Nussschnitten
A recipe for hazelnut bars from a reader is transformed into a lovely cake perfect for parties. Hazelnuts are ground and added to an egg mixture and poured over a crust to make a type of German pie. The aroma of this sponge cake while baking is outrageous, but it tastes even better the next day.

Streusel Cake with Cherries - Kirsch Streuselkuchen - German Recipe
Easy, homemade streusel cake is a delight to make with this recipe. Since you need few ingredients and it can be mixed by hand, this is a great vacation cake. Filled with fruit and topped with crisp streusel, this cake is as easy as pie.

Traditional Viennese Apple Strudel - Altwiener Apfelstrudel
Making Austrian apple strudel from scratch is not difficult. Traditional apple strudel can be time-consuming, but the skill level needed is moderate. Austrian or German apple strudel contains apples, raisins, rum, almonds, bread crumbs, lots of butter, and strudel dough. Try your hand at old-fashioned apple strudel.

Viennese Apple Strudel is the Traditional Strudel of Austria
A step by step guide to making an Austrian Strudel dough, rolling it out and filling it. This step by step guide has accompanying photos to help you understand the traditional strudel pastry of Austria. When made correctly, this strudel pastry is light and crispy and compliments the filling. Traditional apple strudel and filling is shown.

Vollwert Zwetschgenkuchen - 100% Whole Wheat Plum Cake with Streusel
Try this whole wheat dough for your next fresh fruit cake. Based on a German recipe and Peter Reinhart's recipe for whole wheat cinnamon rolls, it allows many people to enjoy cake with no refined sugar and no white flour. Instructions for German Zwetschgenkuchen with white flour and sugar are also included.

Whole Wheat Apple Strudel Recipe
German Apple Strudel recipes have many forms. The most original apple strudel is an envelope of dough which encloses an apple and bread crumb filling and allows the apples to steam gently. This whole wheat apple strudel dough is close to original white dough and is a good compromise to white and the filling has no refined sugar.

Whole Wheat, Fruit-Filled, Cake Recipe - Whole Wheat Zupfkuchen
This recipe for a fruit-filled, whole wheat cake is made in a 7 inch springform pan and the filling can be made with any stone fruit. The crust and the filling are sweetened with agave nectar, which makes this whole wheat cake a good choice for people who are eating healthy.

Yeast Coffee Cake with Egg Custard Topping
This is not a cream cheese coffee cake but has a similar layer made from egg custard on top of yeast dough. This coffee cake recipe makes enough for a 11 x 15 inch sheet cake pan. A traditional German coffee cake recipe which is not too sweet and feeds a crowd.

Recipe for a Small Cheesecake with No Crust
Vanilla cheesecake made with quark or yogurt cheese is layered with fruit in the middle and baked crustless. This recipe makes a small cake but is easily doubled for a larger pan.

Whole Grain Cake Recipe With Fresh Fruit
A whole wheat cake baked with honey, brown rice syrup and fresh fruit.

Pear Torte Recipe
Pear cake with a cookie crust, poached pears, wine custard and nut streusel.

Lemon Pound Cake Recipe - Sandkuchen with Glaze
Lemon pound cake, aka Sandkuchen, baked in a Bundt or Gugelhupf pan.

Thueringer Weihnachtstollen Recipe
A recipe for Thueringer Stollen which follows the guidelines of the German bakers' unions.

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