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Breakfast and Dinner

German-style breakfast and dinner ideas and recipes.

Sugar-Free Cherry-Apricot Sauce - Summer in a Jar with Apricots and Cherries
Make wonderful, sugar free preserves and jams by using alternative sweeteners with your fruit. Small batches of tree-ripened fruit preserves make a wonderful accompaniment to venison, turkey or pork as well as waffles, pancakes and ice cream. Try sugar free sauce for your health, too. No sucrose in this recipe.

Gluten Free Buckwheat Waffles with No-Cook Fruit Sauce
Gluten free buckwheat waffles are a great way to start a weekend morning. Hearty and satisfying, buckwheat waffles can be dressed up with syrup, jam or fruit sauce or preserves. Gluten free insures that most people will be able to eat these waffles.

How To Soft Boil An Egg
How To Soft Boil An Egg

Cheese Fondue for Advent
Cheese fondue is relatively easy to make, just cheese, wine, bread and some spices. So melt away and enjoy the moment.

Toast Hawaii - Open Faced Sandwich for a Snack or Dinner
Toast Hawaii is an open faced sandwich that you can eat in Germany in Imbisse (fast food restaurants) or make easily at home in the oven. Try this ham and cheese sandwich as a snack or serve it as a light dinner. In America, this sandwich would be a good brunch item, too.

Make Your Own German Bread
With these recipes you can make bread like you are back in the Old Country. A variety of styles and tastes are waiting for you. Some recipes look a little lengthy but do not fear, most of that time is spent hands-off.

A Collection of Bread Spreads for Bread, Bagels, Chips and Ve…
In addition to wonderful cheese and sausage on your freshly baked bread, make a bread spread for added variety. Most of these spreads are easy to make and serve, even on a weeknight for Abendbrot. Or try them next time you take a brown bag lunch to work, as many can replace the mayonnaise or even stand on their own. You can also freeze some...

An Austrian Recipe for Plum Jam
Powidl is not just a recipe for plum jam to spread on your toast. It is used as a filling in many Austrian recipes such as Powidltascherln or Germknoedel. Also called Pflaumenmuss or Zwetschgenmuss or marmalade, plum butter is made by cooking plums for several hours until thick.

Sweet German Pancakes with Sugar and Lemon - German Crepes
German pancakes are thin crepes, whether for rolling around fillings or cutting thin and adding to soups as a garnish. Pancakes are very popular for dinner and snack time because they are quick to make and satisfying. Easy German pancakes can be made instead of Abendbrot.

Fake Nutella - A Recipe for Chocolate Nut Butter
If you like Nutella, a hazelnut and chocolate spread, but want something healthier and homemade, you might like this recipe for Chocolate Nut Butter sweetened with dates. Try this Nutella substitute on bread next time you want something sweet.

Homemade Granola With No Refined Sugar
This granola is a basic recipe to which you can add many nuts or dried fruits. It is free of refined sugar, using brown rice syrup and honey for the sweetener. Homemade granola provides a great start to the day with fruit and yogurt or milk.

German Schoko Muesli Recipe - Chocolate Flavored Muesli with Fruit -
This German breakfast cereal is easy to make and very tasty. You can make this granola ahead and add the fresh fruit and milk at breakfast. German Schoko Muesli that you can make at home.

All About Abendbrot - Spreading the Butter
If you are tired of cooking dinner, do what the Germans do: serve bread, butter, beer and bologna. Abendbrot is simply bread with cold platters of cheese, sausage and maybe a wurstsalat or some fried potatoes and bacon. German Abendbrot or evening bread is traditionally cold fare because the main hot meal is lunch.

Bircher Muesli - The Original Swiss Recipe for Muesli
Bircher Muesli is the original muesli recipe developed by a 20th century physician. Sometimes people like to add more sugar, cream and dried fruits, as well as start with a larger portion of oats than what was first published. This Bircher Muesli recipe now reflects modern food pyramid recommendations.

10 Ideas for German Bread
To eat all that wonderful, German bread you want to bake you will have to resort to German recipes. German bread does not lend itself well to American sandwiches because it is dense and chewy. You will want to eat German bread like the Germans do, in open-faced sandwiches.

Bauernfruehstueck - Omelet with Potatoes
"Bauernfruehstueck" recipe; a light, dinner omelet with eggs and potatoes.

German Caraway Meatballs (Kümmel Klops)

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