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Learn How to Shape a Baton


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What is a Baton?
Baton Shape After Baking

Baton Shape After Baking


A baton is an oval-shape for a loaf of bread that is a bit shorter than a baguette. With rounded ends, this is a common shape for Italian bread loaves. Sometimes, forming a baton is the first step in shaping a baguette. A baton is 6 or more inches in length and has a great crust to crumb ratio for people who like crusts. They slice well for multiple sandwiches or crostini.

Since it refers to a shape, any bread dough can be used to make a baton. In bakery-speak, it can refer specifically to white bread dough which weighs about the same as a baguette, which seems to be about a half a pound (250 grams). But the name is the same, regardless of weight.

Follow this step by step to see how to form a baton.

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