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Make Your Own German Bread

10 German Bread Recipes


If you crave German bread look no further. You can make real German bread at home with these bread recipes. Because everything is natural, some dough is kept overnight to enhance the flavor and baking properties. With a little planning, this takes no extra hands-on time and results in a superior loaf.

1. German Bauernbrot - Farmer's Bread from Germany

Logan Ingalls/Flickr

This bread's flavor is enhanced by the addition of a 1/4 cup sourdough culture, but has baker's yeast for the rise. This German "Bauernbrot" or Farmer's Bread is a half day project and tastes quite similar to the bread I used to buy in the bakery in Germany. To get the hard crust, use steam in the oven.

2. Vollkornbrot

Homemade Vollkornbrot - German Whole Meal Rye Bread

This bread is surprisingly easy to bake at home. It is 100% rye flour and rye berries with some sunflower seeds. Fermented with sourdough, it is a real, "Vollkornbrot" bread. Loved in northern Europe, especially Germany and Scandinavia, learning how to bake this bread is well worth it for some people.

Pumpernickel-flavored Bread

3. German Seeded Bread

Many Seeded Bread 100% Whole Grain

If you are looking for a dense, whole grain loaf, this one is about the closest it comes to tasting like a German bakery bread. Based on Peter Reinhart's "Whole Grain Bread" book , it uses 100% whole grains, pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds for a dense, moist loaf.

See also Seeded Sourdough in Bread Pan.

4. Rye Bread - Roggenmischbrot - German Mischbrot

Rye Rolls with Sourdough Starter

This "Weizenmischbrot" is 45% rye flour and 55% white flour with an overnight sponge and sourdough starter. A strong aroma and pleasant sour taste make this bread traditional. Make it into rolls or a loaf, whichever you prefer.

More rye recipes:

5. Turkish Flatbread - Fladenbrot

Fladenbrot - Turkish Flatbread

Although this is not a "German" bread, it is found all over in Germany, in Turkish run stores and kiosks. Fladenbrot is flat, covered with nigella seeds and it has a certain taste not found elsewhere. It can be round or elongated, and is simple to make. This bread is related to the Italian ciabatta. This recipe calls for an overnight sponge.

Eat it with Tsatsiki.

Other White Bread from Germany

6. Soft Pretzels

Brezel - Pretzel - Making German Pretzels

Brezeln or Pretzels, you can only get them in Germany, or so you would think. The dough is easy to make and the only funny step is the lye bath, using food grade lye. Whatever anyone says, you cannot get the same taste without it.

See Pretzel Baking Step by Step here.

7. Schwarzwaelder Kruste - Black Forest Bread

Cutaway showing the crumb of a loaf of German bread.

This bread is a 20% rye "Mischbrot," or mixed-flour, sourdough bread, very common in southern Germany. Chewy, but light in flavor, it has all the characteristics of typical, German Brot.

Try these other sourdoughs too:

8. Sweet Breads and Rolls

New Year's Pretzel

Take a look at these sweet breads, some with whole wheat and some with white flours. Fillings are very common in German Sweet Breads, and most are flavored with vanilla and lemon zest.

9. Rolls and Buns

German White Breakfast Rolls - Schrippen - Wecken - Feierabendbroetchen

For breakfast or brunch, there's no treat like a fresh German "Brötchen".

10. Oatmeal Bread Two Ways

100% Whole Grain Oatmeal Bread

If you are a 100% whole grain fanatic, you're in luck. I've tweaked this oatmeal bread recipe to be 100% whole wheat and oats. The whole grain version does best with an overnight rest in the refrigerator, while the regular version takes just three hours from start to finish. Try both and see which one you like!

11. Great Bread Spreads

Basil and Tomato Spread


Bread, it's not just for butter, anymore. Try these delicious spreads and you will be happy you did.




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