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A Collection of Bread Spreads for Bread, Bagels, Chips and Veggies, Too


In addition to wonderful cheese and sausage on your freshly baked bread, make a bread spread for added variety. Most of these spreads are easy to make and serve, even on a weeknight for Abendbrot. Or try them next time you take a brown bag lunch to work, as many can replace the mayonnaise or even stand on their own. You can also freeze some spreads using an ice cream scoop, a perfect amount for a sandwich and it thaws by lunch!

1. Cheese-Based Bread Spreads

Basil and Tomato Cream Cheese Spread

With cream cheese, chevre or hard cheese as the base for these spreads, you will want to make these fancy spreads for your next party, but they are just as good for informal meals.

3. Sweet Spreads

Strawberry and Cream Cheese Spread

4. Meat and Fish Spreads

Chicken Liver Spread - Homemade

Beyond Liverwurst. Try your hand at a homemade meat spread or try a variation of mixed-up tuna fish.

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