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German Beer Tasting

A Small Sampling of German Beer Available in the U.S.


Optimator Doppelbock

Optimator Doppelbock


I’d like to focus on German beers which are easily found in stores in the US, since for most of us it’s pure torture to read about yummy brews and not be able to sample them. Luckily, several kinds of German beer are available in your grocery's import section.

St Pauli Girl Lager – A pilsner brewed in Bremen solely for export. Light in color and taste, not far off from American domestics.

Warsteiner Premium Verum – A pilsner brewed in Warstein. Light colored, smells of malt, corn and hay. Sweet taste with a little hop bite. Very good after mowing the lawn.

Reissdorfer Kölsch – Koelsch beer is a lighter (4% Alcohol by Volume - ABV) style beer. This one is a very good example of top-fermented lager. It is gold in color, fruity and slightly sweet. It comes in half-liter (500 ml) bottles.

Pinkus Münster Alt – Sweet malt and pine-scented hops are trademarks of this beer from Münster. The flavor is lemon-citrus with a hint of caramel, delicate with light body and a dry finish. A big plus for some is that it is certified “Organic” by the USDA.

Paulaner Hefeweizen – Brewed in Munich, along with all the other styles Paulaner makes (lager, Doppelbock, non-alcoholic, etc.), it is a true, filtered yeast-wheat beer. Orange-yellow, with a nice head and aromas of banana, citrus and yeast. Well balanced with hops and malt.

Beck’s – Also from Bremen. A well-known pilsner and a good one. Crisp and clean, with good carbonation. Very refreshing. Also comes in a NA (non-alcoholic) variation which I am told is better than most NAs.

Spaten Optimator – A Doppelbock from the South, it is very dark and malty, quite strong and sweet. Bocks and Doppelbocks were used to fortify the body, during lent for instance.

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