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Simple German Cake Recipe Ideas

Deutsche Kuchen


Cakes hold a very important place in German cuisine. Cookies are for Christmas time, when the cook is too busy to bake, but cakes are served on a weekend afternoon, with coffee and tea. Often, guests are asked over and the cake is enjoyed after a walk in the park.

1. Sheet Cakes - Blechkuchen

Whole Wheat Zwetschgenkuchen

Often made by using a yeast dough for a base, with fruit, streusel and other toppings. These are close to many American coffee cakes, but not usually as sweet.

2. Springform Cakes

Piece of Apricot Cake with Whipped Cream - Large - Aprikosenkuchen

A list of German cake recipes using springform pans.

3. Strudels

Austrian Apple Strudel - Altwiener Apfelstrudel
Strudel is a classic Austrian cake that resembles American pie.

4. Fancy German Cakes

Fresh Fruit Torte

Sometimes the occasion calls for something a bit fancier, with frosting and stuff.

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