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Cakes and Pastries

Germans are industrious and talented bakers. From them we get cheesecake, stollen, marzipan, cream cakes like Black Forest cake and so much more. They love to bake seasonally and at Christmastime they go all out. Try the cinnamon stars (Zimtsterne) or the Black-and-white cookies at your next cookie exchange; simple yet delicious.
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A Picture Book of German Kuchen - Traditional German Cakes
It's easier to pick out which German cake to bake when you can see it in a photo. These photos of German kuchen should give you an idea of which cake you want to make. Make a German cake today.

Simple German Cake Recipes
Cakes hold a very important place in German cuisine. Cookies are for Christmas time, when the cook is too busy to bake, but cakes are served on a weekend afternoon, with coffee and tea. Often, guests are asked over and the cake is enjoyed after a walk in the park.

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