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Recipe for German Bread Spice Mixture
A recipe for German Brotgewuerz which has several different spices. Use this spice mix to make authentic-tasting German bread.

Almost 7 Grain Bread - Six Whole Grains in One Bread
Delicious recipe for whole grain bread with six grains. Not unlike 7 grain bread, this whole grain bread recipe is a popular choice in German bakeries.

White Bread Recipe - German Toastbrot - Bread Recipe
German Toastbrot or white bread for toasting is different from the Wonderbread and Oroweat selections in the supermarket. This, like most German-baked bread, emphasizes strength over softness. A fine crumb is key to this tasty white bread, perfect for toast, bread pudding, zwieback and croutons.

Whole Grain German Graubrot - German Bread Recipe -Sourdough Rye and …
This whole grain bread recipe has 33% rye flour, which makes it lighter than many rye breads. Whole grain bread recipes improve in texture when an overnight sponge is used. Ten minutes on the first day is all the pre-planning you need for a great whole grain bread.

Potato Bread - Recipe for German Potato Bread - Kartoffelbrot
This potato bread can be done in three hours but you will eat it up much faster than that. Springy, moist and crunchy on the outside, potato bread goes well with hearty soups, bratwurst or with butter and jam. If you have never tried potato bread before, you will be amazed at the results.

Whole Wheat Potato Bread with Rye - Recipe for German Potato Bread - …
Amazingly moist, this whole grain potato bread recipe takes just four hours from start to finish. This potato bread is flavored with caraway, anise and fennel, and made with 100% whole grain. Potato bread rises nicely in the oven, with a soft crust and crumb.

Sourdough Bread with Cornmeal and Seeds - Recipe for German S…
A heavier, German style loaf of bread for making sandwiches and "Butterbrot", this homemade sourdough boasts seeds, rye, corn and potato. This recipe for German bread is delicious fresh and will not go stale for many days. Start the bread dough the night before you plan on baking for the best German bread.

Twisted Bread - Wurzelbrot
Twisted Bread is the name of a very simple wheat bread from Switzerland. It is a loaf that has been twisted two or three times around itself, giving it a bumpy shape like a tree root. Because it has a long rise in the refrigerator, many of the starches are converted to sugars which caramelize when baked, creating deep, nuanced flavors.

Homemade Yeast Bread with Sweet Filling
Homemade bread for Christmas morning sounds divine but how to time the yeast dough so it's ready in time to open presents? Try this braided bread recipe, made completely from scratch the night before (1 hour) and bake it the next morning (30 minutes). This sweet, homemade bread recipe is a nice alternative to sweet rolls.

German Style Sweet Whole Wheat Bread
This wonderful whole wheat bread is filled with an apricot and nut filling and braided for elegance. Keep this whole wheat loaf in the refrigerator overnight and bake first thing in the morning for a warm and wholesome treat. The bread is kept moist through the addition of cottage cheese, although quark or ricotta could be used, too.

German Celebration Bread Wreaths
No matter what kind of bread dough, you can make beautiful, German-style wreaths to serve at breakfast of your next party. Here are simple steps for making your own bread roll wreaths for your next German celebration. Often served at a buffet for people making their own sandwiches, these bread wreaths are quite eye-catching.

New Year's Pretzel - Recipe for Grosse Neujahrs-Breze
This wonderful, braided bread will be the centerpiece of your New Year's Day brunch. Pretzels are a typical lucky symbol for Germans so bring yourself some luck with this simple pretzel recipe. Enriched bread is stretched and then braided for a pretty shape.

Cost of Bread Baking - How Much Does Bread Cost? - Bake or Buy Bread?
If people are baking bread every week, they naturally think about the cost. Does it cost more to bake bread at home or let a bakery do it? Are there other reasons to bake your own bread? Bread baking at home has reasonable costs associated with it. It is not nearly as expensive as you might think.

100% Whole Grain Oatmeal Bread - Whole Grain Bread from Scratch
A 100% wholegrain bread recipe for whole wheat enthusiasts. Oatmeal lends a little sweetness to homemade bread. No sourdough and an overnight leavening process make this bread sweet and easy to eat

How Often Do You Eat Bread?
Bread is very important to the Germans. German bread is eaten several times a day and still sold, freshly baked, in real bakeries. Bread is more important than potatoes, noodles or rice in Germany. We want to know your bread habits. Do you eat bread?

Three Kinds of No-Knead Breads - Three Results
A comparison of three, no-knead bread techniques and their results in photos. Jim Lahey's technique for no-knead bread, as well as Jeff Hertzberg and Zoe Francois' Boule recipe together with King Arthur Flour recipe for 100% whole wheat sandwich loaf.

A Review of Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day"
A Review of "Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day" by Jeff Hertzberg and Zoë Francois. St. Martin's Press, copyright 2007.I baked the recipes in the book and give you an unbiased opinion of the book's high points and shortcomings. List price $27.95.

Homemade Oatmeal Bread - Whole Grain Bread from Scratch
Oatmeal lends a little sweetness to homemade bread. Try this homemade bread for breakfast or serve it with a hearty vegetable or lentil soup. Toasted, this oatmeal bread tastes great, too.

Turkish Flatbread Found in Germany- Fladenbrot With Nigella Seeds
There is a bread you can buy at Turkish markets in Germany that is much like ciabatta or foccacia. Turkish flatbread is called "Fladenbrot" in German and is now found in all parts of Europe. It is flat and sprinkled with nigella seeds, and sometimes salt. This flat bread is great for dunking in soup or splitting horizontally and filling with sandwich meats.

Brezel and Pretzel - Soft Pretzels with Old World Taste
Brezel in German, pretzel in English, a tasty snack wherever you go. There are many soft pretzel recipes but only one real "Laugenbrezel" recipe, where the pretzel is dipped in lye before baking. If you choose not to use a lye or NaOH solution, you may dip the pretzels in boiling sodium carbonate.

Homemade Sourdough Starter
A true sourdough starter is flour and water which is exposed to the microorganisms in the air, either outside or inside the house. It starts growing in 2-3 days.

A Collection of Bread Spreads for Bread, Bagels, Chips and Ve…
In addition to wonderful cheese and sausage on your freshly baked bread, make a bread spread for added variety. Most of these spreads are easy to make and serve, even on a weeknight for Abendbrot. Or try them next time you take a brown bag lunch to work, as many can replace the mayonnaise or even stand on their own. You can also freeze some...

Sweet German Rye Bread - Roggenmischbrot - No Sourdough Starter
This bread is only slightly soured using molasses, but it goes together in a morning (two 90-minute rises) and tastes slightly sweet. Great with salted butter.

Overnight 100% Whole Wheat Bread
This bread may not take a full day to complete, it depends on your room temperature. A long overnight soak is essential, however, to soften the bran and get the most out of a 100% whole wheat loaf. It is not a sourdough, which some people find too pucker-y, and contains some butter and honey for extra flavor.

What is a Sourdough Starter
Sourdough takes a very important place in the hearts and minds of Germans. Most bread in Germany is a sourdough, some are very sour. Sourdough breads do not go stale as fast as non-soured breads and some people think that they are better for the digestion. To make German bread at home, you will want to try your hand with a sourdough starter.

Sunflower Seed Rolls
There is nothing better for breakfast than a hot roll topped with ham and cheese, or butter and jam. This recipe makes a dozen in time for brunch. Sunflower seeds and rye in a slightly soured dough make these special treats, reminiscent of those rolls you get at the bakery.

Sunday’s Hard Rolls
Hard, crusty rolls made out of white flour, which have a soft, melting inner core make for some of the best German Sunday brunch fare. Start by spreading butter over a split roll and then add your toppings. These can include homemade marmelade and jam, hazelnut spread, slices of sausage and cheese, tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, liverwurst or anything else you can think of.

Pumpernickel Bread
A conventionally baked rye bread, this bread gives you the flavor of a true, steamed pumpernickel. Raisins, although unusual, provide extra sweetness. This bread only takes a couple of hours to make and bake.

Easter Bunny Breakfast Rolls from Yeast Dough - Osterhasen aus Hefetei
An easy recipe for Rolls in an Easter Rabbit shape. After you make the dough, these Easter Bunnies can be formed and decorated by children. The sweet bread dough appeals to kids and adults alike. The rolls stand up to being used for Easter display decorations as well.

German Seed Bread
This 100% whole wheat and seed bread uses the epoxy bread-making method. The recipe makes one large free-standing hearth loaf and replicates German bread baking at home. If you are searching for a way to have your traditional German bread outside of Germany, this recipe may help satisfy your craving for chewy bread with a good crust

Creating a Good Loaf of Bread at Home - Swiss Wurzelbrot
Step by step bread baking instructions for making Pain a l'Ancienne. Baking Pain a l'Ancienne or Wurzelbrot in a home oven. Guide to mixing and baking overnight refrigerated bread.

Crescent Rolls - Milchhörnchen
This German enriched soft roll recipe shaped into crescent rolls is a customary breakfast food for a continental breakfast. Pair these milchhoernchen with butter and jam for a sweet treat, or fill them before baking with chocolate or cinnamon and sugar. German bakery rolls are easy to make at home.

Bauernbrot - A Recipe for German Farmer's Bread
A wonderful recipe for "Bauernbrot" or Farmer's Bread which rises well and gives you a real taste of German bread in just a few hours. This recipe for German bread uses sourdough and caraway for a real German taste. A good, transitional bread recipe for beginner bread bakers.

How to Make Better Bread - Tips for Improving Your Bread Baking
Bread baking 101. Are your bread baking attempts working? Satisfied with you loaves? Read through these bread baking tips for the home hearth and your next loaf could be fantastic. Tips for baking bread that you may never have thought of.

Recipe for Rye Bread with Sourdough - Roggenbrot
This rye sourdough bread is started with rye flour and finished with bread flour after an overnight sponge. Additional yeast is necessary for a good rise in this rye bread recipe. A 70% hydration, 1.9% salt as well as barley malt syrup round out this tart rye sourdough bread.

Vollkornbrot with Sourdough Starter - Whole Rye Bread Recipe
Vollkornbrot is a rye bread recipe from Germany. Using a sourdough starter and whole rye berries, this recipe is as close as you can get to Vollkornbrot without getting on an airplane.

Sweet Rolls Recipe - Almond Crusts - Mandelkruste Sweet Roll Recipe
Sweet roll recipe from Germany with an almond crust. Specialty sweet rolls that taste like you just came from the bakery. These sweet rolls are perfect for lazy mornings.

Black Forest Bread - Schwarzwaelder Kruste
This is a German bread recipe with 20% light rye and 80% wheat flour. A German bread recipe with a sourdough and overnight sponge and lots of Old-World flavor.

Rye Pumpernickel with Sourdough
No discussion of German food is complete without mentioning pumpernickel bread. It is generally believed that pumpernickel was created as a way to store grain for emergency rations. This pumpernickel bread recipe is baked for 16 hours in a low oven.

Easter Bread Recipe - Osterbrot - German Easter Bread
Easter bread recipe from Germany: Like panetonne, this Easter bread is loaded with raisins and lemon peel, a perfect combination for Easter morning brunch. Toast this panettone-like Easter bread if you wish, or eat it plain, with butter. Festive German Easter bread recipe is a real treat, any time of the year.

Whole Wheat and White Bagels
Making whole wheat bagels from scratch is easy. This recipe calls for 50% whole wheat flour which keeps the bagel light. A sponge, easy shaping and overnight retardation give this bagel plenty of taste.

Appenzeller Kaesefladen - Swiss Cheese Pie
Appenzeller Cheese bread is a Swiss specialty-cross between a pizza and a quiche which is easy to make. The cheese custard filling is delicious and filled with grated Appenzeller cheese, a spicy, light yellow cheese which melts well.

Rye Bread Recipe with Onion and Caraway - White Rye
This rye bread uses a sourdough starter and bread flour to make a flavorful loaf with just enough chew and a delectable crust. Onions and caraway turn it into the bread you remember from the Jewish deli.

Rye Bread Made With a German Sourdough Method
Rye sourdough bread recipe (Roggenmischbrot) which uses a three step method of building the sourdough to achieve a good crumb and sour taste.

Spent Grain Bread Recipe
Spent grain is grain that is left over from the beer brewing process. Added to bread dough, it increases the fiber and protein content of the bread and lends a nice taste to the finished product.

Spent Grain with Whole Wheat Bread Recipe
100% whole wheat spent grain bread recipe shows you how to make this delicious bread with an overnight soaker-sponge.

Austrian Easter Bread Recipe - Osterpinze
Osterpinze is a bread from Austria baked around Easter and flavored with anise.

Sourdough Bread - Easy Recipe
This is an easy recipe for white sourdough bread with some rolled oats or wheat flakes in it for contrast. Make in three to four hours or refrigerate overnight if convenient.

Easy Baguette Recipe - Four Hour Bread - Stangenbrot
Make baguettes in your own oven with this easy recipe. About four hours from start to finish and common ingredients.

Anisbrot - Coffeecake Bread
A sweet bread flavored with anise and orange and spiked with raisins and Orangeat.

Copycat Recipe for Whole Foods Seeduction Bread
Try this copycat recipe of Whole Food's Seeduction bread made with whole grain flour.

Pumpernickel With Whole Rye Berries
Original pumpernickel bread recipe with whole rye and sourdough.

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