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Traditional German Asparagus Recipes for Spring

Spargel Rezepte


Here is a list of the recipes in this collection which use asparagus. They are traditional and modern recipes that focus on the delicate taste of white asparagus. Because white asparagus is hard to find in some areas, green asparagus recipes are included.

1. Asparagus Dinner

Spargelessen, wie lecker
Flickr user helshue

How to make the simplest kind of "Spargelessen", the kind you will find all over Germany, with white asparagus as the star. This dinner is a popular for dinner parties in the spring.

2. Cream of Asparagus Soup

German White Asparagus Soup
Flickr user petitshoo

A simple soup made of white asparagus and soup stock. It is thickened in the traditional way, with egg yolks, making it rich and satisfying.

3. Potato-Asparagus Soup with Salmon

Potato Asparagus Soup with Salmon and Dill

A delightful soup with cream, smoked salmon, dill and lemon which can be made with white or green asparagus.

4. Sauces That Go Well With Spargel

diekatrin CC by SA 2.0
Check out these sauces that go well with asparagus:
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