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Recipes and Customs of German Advent and Christmas Time

Advent and Christmas recipes and customs from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Chocolate Covered Nuts - Sugar Free Recipe
These chocolate covered nuts, sweetened with stevia and coated in sugar free chocolate and Splenda are a delight which many people will appreciate.

Recipe for Nut Bars - Mini Nussecken
Nut bar recipes are popular in German baking and are often cut in triangles, hence the word "Ecken" (corners). This nut bar recipe is made with hazelnuts but feel free to substitute almonds or your favorite nut instead. Be sure the nut bars are chilled before cutting for clean corners.

Heidesand Recipe - Shortbread Cookie Mix - Refrigerator Cookies
Heidesand is a type of shortbread cookie often baked at Christmas. This melt in your mouth shortbread mix is flavored with browned butter. Make this shortbread mix anytime of the year.

Hazelnut Shortbread - Recipe for Viennese Vanillekipferln - Crescent …
Shortbread is loved all over the world. Very simple to make, shortbread has few ingredients and no eggs. These special, German shortbread cookies are made with hazelnuts and vanilla and are called Vanillekipferln, which describes the crescent shape.

German Eggnog - Eierlikoer - Recipe for German Egg Liqueur
German Eggnog is not just for little old ladies who secretly indulge. Many people love sipping the smooth eggnog liqueur flavored with brandy and vanilla. This easy recipe for eggnog liqueur heats the eggs to just under the boiling point.

Baked Apples - German Bratapfeln - Recipe for Baked Apples
Baked apples are traditional Christmas and winter eating in Germany. Often, they form the backbone of a baked apple party, being inexpensive and easy to make. Serve baked apples with vanilla sauce for a delicious dessert.

German Spice Cookies - Recipe for Spekulatius - Spice Cookies From Wo…
Spekulatius spice cookies, related to Dutch "Spekulaas" are ideally crisp, thin cookies filled with Christmas spices. This easy recipe for German Spice Cookies has easy-to-find ingredients for the stateside "Hausfrau". Make Spekulatius spice cookies in the traditional mold or roll the dough and cut with cookie cutters.

Recipe for Jam-Filled Butter Cookies
Looking like little kolache (a type of indented, filled Danish), these butter cookies are delicious. Easy to make, Kolache Butter Cookies look great on the cookie plate. You can use your favorite jelly in the middle of these butter cookie favorites.

German Christmas Cookies - Cardamom Cookies - Kardamon Plaetzchen
German Christmas cookies with cardamom and chocolate. Delightful German cookies have no egg and are refrigerated prior to baking. These cookies go great with tea.

Coconut Macaroons - Kokosmakronen
A staple of many coffee hour cookie platters, coconut macaroons are loved by almost everyone. This recipe for coconut macaroons uses whole eggs and is enlivened with lemon. These are soft coconut macaroon cookies.

Roast Goose with Brandied Fruit - Recipe for Roast Goose - Ga…
How to roast a goose for a holiday or special event dinner. Roast goose is all dark meat and very delicious. Slow roasting brings out the best in wild fowl.

German Cinnamon Star Cookies - Christmas Cookies - Zimtsterne
Make your own German Christmas cookies simply and easily. Cinnamon, eggwhites and almond meal make delicious Christmas cookies called Zimtsterne. Homemade Cinnamon Star Cookies are a traditional German recipe.

Swiss Style Gingerbread - Basler Laeckerli - Swiss-German Chr…
Christmas cookie recipes that use hartshorn or potash are common in European countries. These Swiss cookies, commonly made at Christmas are a good example. These Christmas cookies can also be made with baking powder with good results.

German Sugar Cookies - Allgauer Butter S fuer Weihnachten
This simple cookie recipe is a good way to use up extra egg yolks. Simple sugar cookies are flavored with lemon for a Christmas treat. Easy cookies which can be made with children.

Nuernberger Lebkuchen - Recipe for German Lebkuchen
Nuernberger Lebkuchen is very popular in Germany around Christmas time. Spicy gingerbread that goes well with coffee or tea is easy to make at home.

Christmas Cookie Recipe for Zimtsterne zum Weihnachten
A traditional German recipe for Zimtsterne, this macaroon-like cookie is a must for the Christmas cookie platter. Traditional German advent was a time for fasting, so butter and meat were not allowed. That is why so many Christmas cookie recipes lack these ingredients. This recipe makes use of a popular nut, the almond, cinnamon, powdered sugar and egg whites.

German Checkerboard Cookies - Recipe for Schwarzweiss Gebaeck
One traditional Christmas cookie recipe from Germany is Checkerboard cookies, or Scharzweiβ Gebaeck. They can also be found in New York delis along with Black and Whites, Spekulatius and other German favorites. Try these German Checkerboard cookies for your next cookie exchange and see them get rave reviews.

Homemade German Gingerbread - How to Make Lebkuchen
Making German specialties such as gingerbread of Lebkuchen is not hard and you can be successful with no special ingredients. Homemade soft Lebkuchen is a great way to welcome the holidays. Lebkuchen recipes and step by step directions make homemade German cookies easy.

Burnt Sugar Almonds - Gebrannte Mandeln from Germany
Burnt sugar almonds look difficult but they are simple to make, with very few ingredients. When cooking "gebrannte Mandeln", your whole house will start to smell like a fair or open air market. Use the best ingredients for the best result when you make "gebrannte Mandeln".

Almond Lebkuchen - An Easy Recipe for Homemade Lebkuchen
How to make traditional German almond lebkuchen from scratch with readily available ingredients.

German Christmas Stollen
German stollen should be made ahead of time and allowed to age for several weeks. It is served during Advent and the Christmas festivities. It is a rich yeast dough full of raisins, nuts, and candied fruit.

Gingerbread House Dough Recipe - Make One For Christmas
A good and easy recipe for gingerbread dough which is used to make gingerbread houses. This gingerbread dough makes a very hard baked cookie which can be used for the walls and roof of your own gingerbread house. Although this cookie is completely edible, it is very dry and meant to be used in gingerbread house construction.

Whole Wheat Gingerbread - Vollwert Lebkuchen
Gingerbread lends itself well to a whole wheat variation because it is already dark and heavy. While German Lebkuchen is in cookie form or sheet cake, this one-egg recipe is more like the American gingerbread. This coffeecake - style gingerbread has a no refined sugar.

Christmas Goose - Weihnachtsgans
Germans don’t cook very many turkeys, for festive occasions it’s goose or duck. We don’t see the Christmas goose very often anymore, which is a shame because it is so simple to make. Like other fowl, onions, thyme and fruit are great seasoning choices. This recipe makes 4 servings and gravy.

Cheese Fondue for Advent
Cheese fondue is relatively easy to make, just cheese, wine, bread and some spices. So melt away and enjoy the moment.

Christmas Candy - Traditional Marzipankartoffeln - German Candy Potato
Marzipan potatoes are a traditional German Christmas treat. This Christmas candy is simple to make with ground almonds and powdered sugar. Candy potatoes formed from marzipan are small and flavored with rosewater or liqueurs. Marzipankartoffeln are then rolled in cocoa powder and cinnamon.

Whole Grain Muffins for Christmas
Enjoy breakfast without guilt with these Christmas muffins. German Stollen flavor with whole wheat and date sugar makes a great wholegrain choice that is quick and easy to mix up. Fast and easy, these healthy muffins are a great choice for brunch.

Gingerbread House Step By Step
This gingerbread house takes on the form of a rustic mountain cabin or Swiss Chalet. You can make a gingerbread house from scratch using these simple, illustrated instructions. Pictures of gingerbread house assembly.

German Christmas Tree Decorations - Meringue Ornaments
Meringue Christmas tree ornaments are easy and fun to make. German Christmas trees are often decorated with edible ornaments, but not the same kind as in the US. Spekulatius, springerle, chocolate wreaths, chocolate pine cones and meringue ornaments are all found on the tree, along with beeswax candles.

Step by Step Baking - Checkerboard Cookies
How to Make Black and White Checkerboard Cookies, a step by step guide to baking black and white cookies in a checkerboard pattern. Checkerboard cookies are festive and just right for the holidays.

Nutella Recipe for Filled Shortbread
Nutella is a type of nut paste spread on bread and is used in many recipes. In this Nutella recipe, it is the smooth filling surrounded by cookie dough.

Spicy Linzer Cookies - Linzer Plätzchen
Spicy Linzer Cookies are just the ticket for the holidays. These sandwich-style, Linzer cookies are made with spices and ground nuts and spread with jam, making them meltingly tender and very tasty.

German Lebkuchen Recipes - Gingerbread from Germany
German Christmas is made up of spices, nuts, butter and all things good. The spices were expensive in the Middle Ages, so it was a show of wealth to use many of them in their baking. This often expresses itself as Lebkuchen in many forms. Lebkuchen recipes vary by region, and there are many to choose from. Browse through these Lebkuchen recipes...

Chocolate Orange Cookie Recipe - Orangenschokoplaetzchen
Try these orange and chocolate cookies for your next get-together. Crispy, sweet and delicious, these orange and chocolate cookies are real winners. Orange and chocolate are traditional Christmas flavors in Europe.

Spritz Cookies - Spritzgebaeck
Spritz cookies are a very popular Christmas cookie in the US and in Germany. Called Spritzgebaeck, spritz cookies are a melt-in-your-mouth favorite. Try these chocolate spritz cookies.

Jam Thumbprint Cookies with Almond Paste - Marzipan Kugeln
Jam Thumbprint Cookies with Almond Paste make any cookie tray look special. Jam thumbprints are festive cookies for the holidays.

Chocolate Covered Almonds Recipe
Make chocolate covered almonds with an easy recipe. Cover toasted almonds with melted chocolate, then roll in powdered sugar for a great, homemade treat or gift. These almonds have a spice coating for extra flavor.

Almond Shortbread Crescent Cookie Recipe
This is a simple recipe for Almond Crescent cookies. Shortbread is one of the easiest cookies to make. Roll the warm, almond crescent cookies in powdered sugar for a sweet finish.

Dominosteine - Layered Christmas Cookie Recipe from Germany
Dominosteine are a gingerbread layered with marzipan and covered with chocolate. Homemade Dominosteine are a German specialty at Christmastime.

Christmas Punch - Fire Tongs Punch - Feuerzangenbowle
Feuerzangenbowle is a punch of hot, mulled wine that is sweetened with caramalized sugar. A festive, Christmas drink from Germany.

Punch Made Using a Sugarloaf - Non Alcoholic
A non alcoholic punch which is similar to a German Feuerzangenbowle. Hot and ceremoniously finished at the table or buffet, this is made with black tea and fruit juices.

Spiced Hot Chocolate Recipe
Hot chocolate recipe with typical German Christmas spices: cardamom, coriander, cloves, star anise and cinnamon.

History of Springerle Molds
Learn about German Springerle cookies and what the popular cookie molds were through the ages.

Linzer Cookie Recipe
Linzer Cookies make great party and potluck cookies. These sandwich-style, Linzer cookies are made with shortbread style butter cookie dough and then spread with jam. Linzer cookies are bright and very pretty, as well as delicious.

German Christmas Treats to Make at Home - Easy Christmas Treats with Recipes
One look at these German Christmas recipes will inspire you to get busy at home cooking and baking! These delicious recipes are all traditional German food for the holidays, interpreted for American ingredients and measures. Pick a German Christmas recipe to try out soon.

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