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Winter Salad Recipe Ideas


In the northern hemisphere, winter brings special hardships for salad lovers. But fear not, there are many vegetables which keep over the winter, among them cabbage, carrots and other root vegetables, radicchio, chicory, arugula, corn salad and winter squash and fruit such as blood oranges, tangerines, pineapple and pears. These all combine well for some outstanding raw food experiences.

Cabbage Salads

Serbian Coleslaw and Potato Salad
Barbara Rolek used with permission

Cabbage and their ilk such as kale, red cabbage and savoy cabbage, can be eaten raw or cooked. They especially like cooler weather, bolting in the hot summer months, and can be kept in root cellars and storage facilities with little loss of quality.

  • Red Cabbage Salad - here the cabbage is sprinkled with salt and allowed to sit awhile before dressing with oil and vinegar.
  • Serbian Coleslaw - while American coleslaw is mostly mayonnaise-based (see basic recipe here) and served in summer time, winter is a perfect opportunity to make it. Here it is dressed up with other vegetables such as onion, parsley and carrot, and a flavorful, light dressing.
  • California Coleslaw - a delicious treat with only a little mayonnaise.

Root Salads

Spicy Carrot Salad with Nuts and Cheese

Beets, carrots, rutabagas, even kohlrabi (not really a root, but it looks like one) all make good salads. Called "Rohkost" in German, raw foods have become a popular health food trend since Dr. Bircher-Benner had his patients eat an appetizer before every meal consisting of raw apple, nuts and rolled oats. His muesli recipe has endured to this day.

Salads With Fruit

Fennel, Apple and Orange Winter Rohkost

Fresh fruit can often seem like such a bother in the winter, when cake and cookies are easy and the soft peaches and cherries are only found canned. But apples and pears are still available from fall harvests and citrus fruits and pineapple actually have their high season from December through February. Even avocados, technically a fruit, ripen in the winter.

- pomegranate seeds are always a treat, a sweet-sour surprise in your mouth.

Arugula, Chicory, Mache

Arugula in the Garden

Arugula and Mache (corn salad) are two greens which will grow throughout the winter. Corn salad will even keep growing under a light blanket of snow, while arugula would prefer a cold frame. Even so, they have never become as popular in the US as they are in Germany and are difficult to find outside of big cities. Also good as lettuce "Ersatz," chicory and radicchio (red variety of chicory) can be the basis for a simple side dish.

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