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Fish in German Food

What kind of fish are used in German cooking? Look here to find out.

The Role of Herring in German Cuisine
German herring has always been an important economic and culinary staple of continental Europe. Herring was preserved in salt and sold all over Europe in the Middle Ages and an export product for the Hanseatic League. Herring is used in many German recipes and suppers.

Brown Shrimp - German Nordseekrabben
The history and economic uses for tiny, flavorful and tender shrimp called "Nordseegarnelen".

Brown Shrimp from the North Sea - A Popular German Seafood
What is a Nordseekrabbe? Find out here. German seafood specialty

What is a freshwater eel and is it sustainable?
European eel is eaten in several regional, German dishes. It is an oily fish and has an interesting life cycle. It is an endangered species.

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