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German Baking Glossary

Descriptions of leavening agents, types of doughs and batters and ingredients specific to German baking.

Dampfnudeln - Steamed German Dumplings
Dampfnudeln are steamed dumplings commonly cooked in Germany.

What is Whipped Cream Stabilizer?
Whipped cream stabilizer allows cream to be used as frosting or in desserts which are prepared ahead of time. It keeps the cream from separating. Find more here.

Descriptions of Common German Baking Ingredients
Find out here which baking ingredients are common in Germany, but not so common in the US.

What is Detmolder Three Phase Sourdough Method?
Detmolder Three Phase Sourdough Method uses three sourdough builds to create a moderately sour rye bread. It was developed in Detmold at the Max-Rubner Institute. The long, second phase eliminates the need for night work at the bakery. You should use it when you want to create very flavorful, high percentage rye breads like in Germany.

Ammonium Carbonate - Hartshorn - Hirschhornsalz
Hirschhornsalz, or ammonium carbonate, is a leavening agent for baked goods like cookies and crackers. Used mostly for Christmas baking, you can often substitute baking powder. Read on for more details about ammonium carbonate.

German Baking Powder
German Baking Powder is usually single-acting. Dr. Oetker is king of the German baking powder scene, with a proprietary blend of sodium acid pyrophosphate, sodium bicarbonate and cornstarch.

Potash and Pearlash - German Baking Aid
German baking recipes often call for potash or Pottasche, a leavening agent. Learn about potash and its substitute for modern baking.

Video Transcript for Suesser Muerbeteig Grundrezept
English transcript of German video explaining how to make sweet short dough for crusts. Link to video is included.

Muerbeteig - Shortcrust Pastry from Germany
Muerbeteig is a type of German dough used in cakes and cookies. This entry describes the ingredients, what to expect from the dough and which recipes work well with it.

What are Zwieback and Einback
Definition of both Zwieback and Einback, how they are used in Germany and links to recipes.

What is a Ruehrteig Cake?
A Ruehrteig or Ruehrmasse is cake batter that is stirred. Read on for more information on pound cakes and sponge cakes.

The Hazelnut - Haselnuesse
The hazelnut is very popular in the German kitchen. learn about the hazelnut and its uses.

Almonds in German Cuisine
How long almonds have been used and what the most popular foods are. From medicine in the Middle Ages to modern day. Includes bitter almond on page 2.

Definitions for Spelt, Dinkel and Gruenkern
Spelt, Dinkel and Gruenkern and their use in German cuisine and history.

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