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What Is Yeast and Why Is It in My Bread? - German Food - About.com
Because yeast does not divide much in bread dough (only 20-30% increase in cell numbers in 4 hours), what you start with is about what you end up with in ...
Better Bread Baking and Dough Improvement Tips - German Food
Using less yeast means a longer time before you see the dough rise which allows time for more flavors to develop. Retarding (slowing down) fermentation by ...
How to Freeze Yeast Bread Dough - Bread Baking - About.com
Freezing yeast bread dough is a convenient way to save freezer space.
Yeast Dough - Veterinary Medicine - About.com
Dough that has yeast in it poses a hazard to pets who consume it in large quantity. The risks are two-fold. The first risk is that the dough may rise after ingestion, ...
Egg Wash Yeast Doughs for Color and Shine - Quick Tip
Egg washing yeast doughs prior to baking adds color or shine that makes them all the more appetizing.
Basic Pizza Dough - Southern Food - About.com
This basic yeast dough makes a great pizza crust, and it's easy to prepare and bake.
How to Proof Yeast Before Mixing Doughs - Eastern European Food
Make sure your yeast is still active before you start on a sweet or savory yeast dough by proofing it.
Cut Yeast Rising Time With a Microwave Oven
The rise time for yeast breads and cakes can be cut by 1 1/2 hours by using a microwave ... Use the microwave to cut 45 minutes off the first rise of yeast doughs.
Banana Yeast Bread - Recipe for Breakfast and Snack Bread
Just like adding apple sauce to yeast doughs, mashed banana gives the finished bread a delicious, sweet flavor and makes the crumb moist. Yield: 1 pound ...
One Yeast Dough to Make Three Baked Treats - Cooking for Two
When you're cooking for two, yeast doughs can be problematic. Most recipes make huge batches, which means you're stuck making multiple loaves of bread or ...
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