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What Is Yeast and Why Is It in My Bread? - German Food - About.com
Because yeast does not divide much in bread dough (only 20-30% increase in cell numbers in 4 hours), what you start with is about what you end up with in ...
Better Bread Baking and Dough Improvement Tips - German Food
Improve Your Next Loaf - Tips for Making the Dough ... Using less yeast means a longer time before you see the dough rise which allows time for more flavors to ...
How to Freeze Yeast Bread Dough - Bread Baking - About.com
Freezing yeast bread dough is a convenient way to save freezer space.
Foods Toxic to Pets - Yeast Bread Dough - Veterinary Medicine
Dough that has yeast in it poses a hazard to pets who consume it in large quantity. The risks are two-fold. The first risk is that the dough may rise after ingestion, ...
Egg Wash Yeast Doughs for Color and Shine - Quick Tip
Egg washing yeast doughs prior to baking adds color or shine that makes them all the more appetizing.
How to Proof Yeast Before Mixing Doughs - Eastern European Food
Make sure your yeast is still active before you start on a sweet or savory yeast dough by proofing it.
Basic Pizza Dough - Southern Food - About.com
This basic yeast dough makes a great pizza crust, and it's easy to prepare and bake.
Cut Yeast Rising Time With a Microwave Oven
The rise time for yeast breads and cakes can be cut by 1 1/2 hours by using a microwave ... Use the microwave to cut 45 minutes off the first rise of yeast doughs.
One Yeast Dough to Make Three Baked Treats - Cooking for Two
When you're cooking for two, yeast doughs can be problematic. Most recipes make huge batches, which means you're stuck making multiple loaves of bread or ...
Banana Yeast Bread - Recipe for Breakfast and Snack Bread
Just like adding apple sauce to yeast doughs, mashed banana gives the finished bread a delicious, sweet flavor and makes the crumb moist. Yield: 1 pound ...
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