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German Cakes - German Food - About.com
German Cakes. ... Frankfurter Kranz is a cake filled with buttercream frosting and decorated with hazelnut brittle and more frosting. It is very popular for afternoon ...
Simple German Cake Recipe Ideas - German Food - About.com
German cakes are served in the afternoon, instead of cookies. These simple recipes make use of quark, yeast doughs, fruit and more.
German Cake Photo Gallery - A Picture Book of German Kuchen ...
It's easier to pick out which German cake to bake when you can see it in a photo. These photos of German kuchen should give you an idea of which cake you ...
Cakes and Pastries - German Food - About.com
Germans are industrious and talented bakers. From them we get cheesecake, stollen, marzipan, cream cakes like Black Forest cake and so much more.
Upside Down German Chocolate Cake Recipe - Southern Food
This German chocolate cake is made with a German chocolate cake mix, pecans, coconut, confectioners sugar, butter, and cream cheese. German chocolate ...
German Chocolate Cake - Desserts/Baking - About.com
This four layer German Chocolate Cake is made with great chocolate and lots of coconut.
Apple Cake Recipe - German Food - About.com
You can buy German apple cake in a bakery or make it yourself, where the smells of baking apples and lemon will brighten your house. This popular apple cake ...
German Recipe in English for Butter Cake - Butterkuchen
This is a German recipe for a very simple, yeasted coffee cake. This German cake is loved by many and very easy to make. Traditionally, it is served in the ...
German Recipe for Alsatian Apple Cake - German Food - About.com
Alsace lies on the border of Germany and France and has a wonderful culinary tradition mixing both German and French cuisines. This apple cake recipe is very  ...
German Sheet Cake for Parties - Buttermilk Sheet Cake with ...
German sheet cakes are easy to make and good for potlucks, bake sales or any time you need a lot of servings, fast. This German sheet cake is a buttermilk and ...
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