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German Cakes - German Food - About.com
German Cakes. ... Frankfurter Kranz is a cake filled with buttercream frosting and decorated with hazelnut brittle and more frosting. It is very popular for afternoon ...
Simple German Cake Recipe Ideas - German Food - About.com
German cakes are served in the afternoon, instead of cookies. These simple recipes make use of quark, yeast doughs, fruit and more.
German Cake Photo Gallery - A Picture Book of German Kuchen ...
It's easier to pick out which German cake to bake when you can see it in a photo. These photos of German kuchen should give you an idea of which cake you ...
Cakes and Pastries - German Food - About.com
Germans are industrious and talented bakers. From them we get cheesecake, stollen, marzipan, cream cakes like Black Forest cake and so much more.
German Recipe in English for Butter Cake - Butterkuchen
This is a German recipe for a very simple, yeasted coffee cake. This German cake is loved by many and very easy to make. Traditionally, it is served in the ...
Upside Down German Chocolate Cake Recipe - Southern Food
This German chocolate cake is made with a German chocolate cake mix, pecans, coconut, confectioners sugar, butter, and cream cheese. German chocolate ...
German Recipe for Alsatian Apple Cake - German Food - About.com
Alsace lies on the border of Germany and France and has a wonderful culinary tradition mixing both German and French cuisines. This apple cake recipe is very  ...
German Chocolate Cake - Desserts and Baking on About.com
This four layer German Chocolate Cake is made with great chocolate and lots of coconut.
Apfelkuchen Recipe - Wiener Apple Cake - German Food - About.com
You can buy German apple cake in a bakery or make it yourself, where the smells of baking apples and lemon will brighten your house. This popular apple cake ...
Aprikosenkuchen - Recipe for Fresh Apricot Cake - German Food
A recipe for an everyday, sunken apricot cake. How to make German Aprikosenkuchen. This is a simple German recipe that everyone can make. Great apricot ...
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