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German Baking Has a Long Tradition - German Food - About.com
Germans are industrious and talented bakers. From them we get cheesecake, stollen, marzipan, cream cakes like Black Forest cake and so much more.
German Baking Powder - German Food - About.com
German baking powder is usually single-acting and is not equivalent to American , double acting baking powder. Dr. Oetker developed and marketed German ...
Pearlash - Pottasche - German Baking Aid - German Food - About.com
"Pottasche," potash or pearlash is a baking aid used in some German baking recipes, especially gingerbread (Lebkuchen) recipes. It is often used in conjunction ...
German Verb Conjugations - backen (to bake) - Present Tense
The German verb 'backen' conjugated in all its tenses.
German Baking Ingredients - German Food - About.com
A list of baking ingredients for German recipes which are less common in the US. Substitutions for several baking ingredients used in German baking.
German Verb Conjugations - backen (to bake) - Past Tenses
The German verb 'backen' conjugated in all its tenses.
Baking Index - All Recipes - German Food - About.com
Nut bar recipes are popular in German baking and are often cut in triangles, hence the word "Ecken" (corners). This nut bar recipe is made with hazelnuts but  ...
German Baking Glossary - German Food - About.com
Descriptions of leavening agents, types of doughs and batters and ingredients specific to German baking.
German Cooking Glossary - German to English - Kochglossar - Part ...
German Cooking Glossary. Recipe Terms - Kochglossar M-Z. German-English Baking and Cooking Vocabulary. With Measurement Conversions. You are here:
Baked Apples - German Bratapfeln - Recipe for Baked Apples
Baked apples are traditional Christmas and winter eating in Germany. Often, they form the backbone of a baked apple party, being inexpensive and easy to ...
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